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What is a PVC wall panel?

PVC wall panel, there are other names, such as ecological art wall, quick assembly wall panel, and so on. It is a new type of wall decoration material made of PVC as raw material through the surface filming process.

At present, PVC wall panels are gradually replacing traditional wall building materials. The appearance of wall panels can have a variety of shapes. The most common methods are decorative techniques such as filming and 3D printing.

PVC wall panels can be divided into V-type joints and straight-type joints in terms of texture. The back of the wall panel is designed with a flat plate and a non-slip groove. The size specifications of wall panels on the market include products with widths of 30cm, 40cm, and 60cm.

Is PVC wallboard good?

In addition, compared with logs, wallboard has more physical advantages and good stability. And it is not easy to crack, warp and twill in daily use. According to the needs of consumers, colorants can be added. And wallboard products with different colors can be produced after processing. But regular maintenance is required.

Due to their own characteristics, PVC wall panels are extremely waterproof and have good fire resistance. At the same time, PVC wall panels are also environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant. In the routine maintenance process. There is no need to carry out excessive maintenance.

The appearance and texture of polyvinyl chloride wallboard are similar to that of solid wood. But its hardness is higher than that of plastic wall materials, and its service life is longer. In addition, the wallboard is light in weight, convenient for construction personnel to transport and install. And it has a certain degree of wear resistance and is suitable for many empty walls.

There are many designs and colors of PVC wall panels, which gives consumers more choices. The wall panel installation is very convenient. After the whole wall is decorated, the grade of decoration can be improved immediately. Widely used in indoor walls, such as entertainment venues, conference centers. So it is the most versatile product among plastic wall materials.

In the production of PVC wallboard, flame retardant materials are added to make the product have excellent fire resistance. Which can be extinguished in case of fire, which improves safety. At the same time, it is very convenient to maintain and clean at ordinary times. And the stains can be wiped off with a rag, giving consumers more peace of mind.

What are the characteristics of PVC boards?

Green and environmental protection

Because the main base material of PVC board is polyvinyl chloride. And general polyvinyl chloride is a kind of green and environmentally friendly renewable resource. It does not contain any radioactive elements. The PVC panels have passed the strict IS09000 international quality system certification. And ISO14001 international green environmental protection certification before they are produced.

Long life

Because the PVC board is designed with a very unique super weather-resistant and anti-aging formula. It will show very good results no matter what the climate is.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin

PVC boards are usually ultra-light and ultra-thin. With a thickness of only 2-3 mm and a weight of only 2-3 kg/square. Which is less than 10% of ordinary floor materials.

Rich colors

The PVC board is very individual and novel, with long-lasting and very stable performance. Which can meet the different needs of owners. Not only can it show very natural colors. But it can also produce PVC-colored hard boards according to the needs of customers. The colors are also very bright and beautiful.

Wide application range

In addition to being used as ceilings and walls, PVC sheets can also be used as surface materials. Such as desks, bookshelves, sofas, and kitchen cabinets.


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