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Timber Tube for Interior Decoration

In recent years, WPC materials have gained more popularity in construction due to their durability, versatility, and sustainability. More and more homeowners and installers are choosing to use composite materials. While we often see WPC materials in various architectural applications. Such as outdoor decks and outdoor furniture. But it also has a new application: WPC timber tubes for interior decoration. As a new material, WPC timber tube has many advantages over traditional wood.

Advantages of WPC Timber Tube

  1. The use of this material can effectively solve the problem of waste pollution and protect the environment. It is highly recyclable and is made from a mixture of recycled plastic and wood fiber, which saves forest resources.
  2. It has the appearance of traditional wood and is available in a wide range of colors and appearances that can be customized. Some textures and surface colors can be freely chosen.
  3. Composite timber tube has better durability and good moisture resistance, it has a longer life. And you don’t need to do more maintenance and upkeep on it, effectively saving you more time and money.
  4. This material will not easily crack, warp, or rot. Therefore, it is not harmful to the homeowner and gives you more peace of mind in your life.
  5. Unlike traditional wood paneling, this material does not need to be painted or sanded. You don’t need to spend money on maintenance and upkeep, so to speak.
  6. composite timber tubes work well even in extreme weather. It is very weather resistant, suitable for -40 to 60 degrees Celsius, and has UV-resistant properties.
  7. Composite timber tubes are easy to clean and sweep, making them easier to maintain.

Therefore, timber tubes can be widely applied on various occasions. such as Chinese-style restaurants, and European-styled hotels. Similarly, official buildings with contracted design styles, vary in colors, sizes, patterns, and styles. It can be conveniently installed as soon as possible because of its simple structure design. Therefore, timber tubes can use to decorate the room space with the ideal style you want.

The Chinese-styled building structure can be achieved with the help of the timber tube with the traditional Chinese style design. After that, the timber tube can concentrate on the quintessence of Chinese architecture to create masterpieces covering Chinese architectural elements. In addition, timber tubes are endowed with the beauty of interior decoration lighting up the aesthetics of a building, showing the rich cultural connotation.


Interior Decoration Applications

Feature walls

A composite timber tube feature wall can provide a more dramatic effect to an interior space. The texture and beauty of composite timber tubes can be enhanced by lighting, creating a more dramatic effect.


Shelving made of composite timber tubes and fixtures is a great choice. This is the perfect combination of beauty and function. Composite timber tubes’ sturdy and lightweight nature provides a durable option that is aesthetically pleasing and functional for this application.


Room dividers

Composite timber tubes can also be used as a room divider system. This can divide larger open layouts into several different spaces. You can use different timber tubes to create unique, impactful architecture while adding visual interest to the interior space.

In short, composite timber tubes are an innovative and sustainable solution. Capable of bringing natural beauty and warmth to modern interiors, it can also make your designs more durable and long-lasting. These materials have a wealth of applications and can be used to create more unique architecture and functionality.

Free Samples

COOWIN composites mean quality, aesthetics, and minimal maintenance, saving you time and money. In addition, COOWIN composites combine the appearance of wood with the durability of plastic to provide superior performance that wood cannot.

If you are interested, we can provide you with free samples. At the same time, our professional team can answer any questions you may have.


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