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Acoustic Panels

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Should Acoustic Panels Go on the Wall or Ceiling?

The placement of the acoustic panels is very important to get the desired sound quality. Placing acoustic panels randomly or covering every wall in a room with acoustic foam will not achieve the d...

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Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?

When you are planning to install soundproof panels, you may have the question, “Can soundproof panels be used both ways? There are many different ways to use soundproof panels. Whether you a...

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What Type of Acoustic Panel is Best?

Choosing the best type of acoustic panel depends on the specific acoustic challenges of your space and your aesthetic preferences. There are several types of acoustic panels, including wood acoust...

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Will Acoustic Wall Panels keep sound out?

If you are constantly annoyed by noise outside your room, you may want to find a way to block it out. There are many ways to block out noise, and acoustic walls are said to be a viable option, but...

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