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In 2000, a WPC factory is established with the WPC production technology from USA.In 2006, COOWIN® International is registered for diversification strategy. In addition to WPC and PWPC production, a business unit of WPC machinery&technology output and a brand incubator are launched there after.In 2014, Strengthen the internal management with ISO 9001,ISO14001,CE, increased the product and enterprise competitiveness, was granted “ China top 10 WPC brand” by the authority.Since 2019, establish a principle of “Focus on customer needs, infinitely close to consumer needs, and go all out to improve customer satisfaction”.

WPC Wall Panel

COOWIN® Organization

COOWIN® has a well-organized structure. The headquarters office leads the company's affairs and customer service support. The production base is responsible for order production and shipping arrangements. Every department is in close contact and orderly operation. At COOWIN®, each member has a professional service spirit and is committed to providing the ultimate customer experience. Unity, enthusiasm, professionalism, every COOWINer always maintains a positive state and move towards the future.

WPC Wall Panel

Production & Technology

WPC Wall Panel

R&D Ability

In the R&D department, senior engineering designers and technicians are chasing the market forefront. Innovation becomes a driving force for COOWIN. COOWIN now has not only all the product types in the industry but also more than 60 uniquely developed new product structures, product styles, and color systems. These emerging products have become COOWIN's core competitiveness. COOWIN products are always imitated but never surpassed.


Things you care about, is what we always focus on...

Manufacture Experience

COOWIN is one of first to start wood plastic composite material manufacturing industry in China.The product now has achieved full series coverage.

Quality Assurance

From raw materials to finished product shipments, COOWIN has complete and rigorous testing methods and processes.Every batch of product is under control.

Service Philosophy

COOWIN always regards meeting customer requirement as the center of its development philosophy. Things you care about, is what we focus on...

Leading & Innovating

COOWIN® continues to increase investment in research and development of new products and production processes, pursuing sustainable development.


Head Office

Shouchuang International Building, Chengyang District,Qingdao
WPC Wall Panel

Manufacture Base

Pingdu Industrial Park, Qingdao, China

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