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UV Marble Sheet

WPC Wall Panel

What Are the Popular Colors for UV Marble Sheets and WPC Wall Panels?

UV marble sheets and WPC wall panels have become popular with many homeowners over the past few years. This is because they are available in a wide range of colors to meet a variety of design pref...

WPC Wall Panel

What Are the Advantages of UV Marble Sheet?

UV marble sheet is a decorative material used in architecture and interior design. A substrate such as PVC or acrylic is usually used to make these sheets. It is then coated with a pattern that lo...

WPC Wall Panel

What Is the Difference Between UV Sheet and PVC Sheet?

The difference between UV marble sheets and PVC marble sheets lies mainly in their manufacturing processes and characteristics. UV marble sheet, also known as UV-coated sheet, is usually made from...

WPC Wall Panel

What Is a UV Marble Sheet Used For?

UV marble sheets, also known as PVC marble sheets, are an interior decorating material that looks like real marble. UV marble sheets are mainly used for interior decorating and are a cost-effectiv...

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