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The 134th Canton Fair’s second phase came to a successful end

On October 27, the 134th Canton Fair’s second part came to an end. According to the person in charge of the Canton Fair’s Information Center, the second phase continu…

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WPC wall panel colors

5 Wall colors go with composite wall panels

Composite wall panels are often found on living room and bedroom walls. Due to the diversity of colors and appearance of composite wall panels, it can better match with interior …

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interior wall panels

What is a PVC wall panel?

PVC wall panel, there are other names, such as ecological art wall, quick assembly wall panel, and so on. It is a new type of wall decoration material made of PVC as raw material…

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WPC wall panel

Why choose the WPC wall panel for indoor decoration?

When decorating walls, it is not just a simple painting. Many people choose various shapes, rich colors, and light decorations when decorating. Therefore, various wall panel deco…

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WPC and PVC material

What is the difference between WPC and PVC?

WPC is also known as Wood Plastic Composite. WPC is a new type of composite material that has flourished in the world in recent years. PVC material is also a composite product. S…

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WPC flat wall panels

How to install flat composite wall panels

If you are looking for the appearance of a country house, or want to give the house a more traditional charm. You can choose to install flat composite wall panels, which are a go…

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WPC wall cladding

How to Cover the old wall panel

Wood paneling was widely used as a popular interior decorative item in the past. If your home has wood paneling, after many years of use, you may need to cover the old wall panel…

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indoor WPC wall panel

How to match different decoration styles with wall panel colors?

Create a gorgeous dining space with the right wall panel colors. Get inspired with our gallery of dining room wall paneling ideas. Next, we’ll go through eight different…

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dark brown wood panels | dark wood paneling | paneled walls | darker shade

How to choose the colors of wall panels in the house

Thousands of colors are created by nature, with green in spring, colorful in summer, red maple in autumn, and silver in winter. Each color has a unique charm. When different colo…

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How to attach Sound-absorbing panels to the wall

As an indoor space for work or living, it is also important that the room is soundproofed. Interior wall panels are relatively easy to install. So if you want to install your own…

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