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In addition to a wide range of wall paneling, COOWIN also offers timber tubes of exceptional quality. Timber tubes are widely used in places with modern architectural styles. WPC timber tubes allow you to utilize your space efficiently.

WPC Flame-restardant Timber Tube TU40-25

Design, build, enjoy. Choose COOWIN timber tube and define your interior life at your own pace.

  • Timber Tube
  • 40x25mm

WPC Moisture-proof Timber Tube TU50-25

WPC timber tube, waterproof, mildew-proof, the first choice for interior decoration.

  • Timber Tube
  • 50x25mm

WPC Interior Decorative Timber Tube TU50-40

No chemical treatment, no formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.

  • Timber Tube
  • 50x40mm

WPC Low-maintenance Indoor Timber Tube TU75-50

Originated from wood, better than wood. COOWIN timber tube has a natural color and texture.

  • Timber Tube
  • 75x50mm

WPC Easy-to-install Timber Tube TU100-25

WPC timber tube has the beauty of solid wood and the advantage of being maintenance free.

  • Timber Tube
  • 100x25mm

WPC Easy-to-install Timber Tube TU100-50A

COOWIN timber tube, simple but not simple, bring you a relaxed and pleasant indoor experience.

  • Timber Tube
  • 100x50mm

WPC Interior Decorative Timber Tube TU100-100

WPC timber tube brings privacy and beauty to your room, especially suitable for the workplace.

  • Timber Tube
  • 100*100mm

WPC Termite-resistant Timber Tube TU150-50

A variety of styles of timber tubes can perfectly match different styles of interior design.

  • Timber Tube
  • 150x50mm

Hot New Products

COOWIN continuously develops and produces new interior decoration products to make customers better decorate their houses. These new decorative products can create a stylish and beautiful living space for you.


Ultra-Natural Color & Texture Wood Veneer Decorative Panels

With an increasing focus on environmental responsibility, wood veneer stands as a conscientious choice.

  • Wood Veneer
  • 1220x2440mm

Unleash Creativity Aesthetic Versatility 3D Wall Panels

3D Wall Panels are more than static decor—they're dynamic elements that allow you to engage with your space creatively. Each panel is designed to interlock seamlessly, offering a canvas of possibilities.

  • Wood Veneer
  • 600*600*14mm

Low to No Maintenance Interior Acoustic Panels

In a world filled with noise, acoustic panels emerge as the elegant solution to create serene environments.

  • Acoustic Wall Panel
  • 600*2400*21mm

Shaping Sound Defining Spaces Acoustic Panels

Whether in a bustling office, a lively restaurant, or a quiet home, acoustic panels allow you to seize control of sound. They are the embodiment of the perfect union between form and function.

  • Acoustic Wall Panel
  • 600*600*21mm

Wear Resistant Easy to Clean UV Marble Sheet

UV marble sheet captures the exquisite beauty of natural marble with remarkable precision. From the intricate veining and rich textures to the captivating color variations, these sheets emulate the sophistication and opulence of genuine marble, adding a touch of luxury to any interior space.

  • UV Marble Sheet
  • 1220mm*2440mm

Easy to Install and Maintain Curved Panels

Stronger and more durable interior decorative wall panels. You can enjoy life more comfortably.

  • Curved Panels
  • 55.5x25mm

Fireproof Moisture-proof Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Discover the ultimate combination of durability, lightness, and cutting-edge design with an Aluminum Honeycomb Panel. These advanced panels offer superior structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, making them an ideal solution for a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial spaces.

  • Aluminum Wall Panel
  • 1220*2440mm

Low-maintenance Easy-to-install Aluminum Wall Panels

Discover the ultimate combination of durability, lightness, and cutting-edge design with Aluminum wall panels. These advanced panels offer superior structural integrity and aesthetic appeal

  • Aluminum Fluted Panel
  • Customizable

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