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The western part of the United States gives people the feeling of being natural and wild, away from the crowd, and fleeing from pollution. However, a study by environmental scientists proved that “seeing is not necessarily believing” because there is being infested by microplastics, and they are in the wind. , In the rain, in the air, although it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but it is everywhere.

The floating and falling plastics here are all plastic fragments smaller than 5 mm. The researcher spent 14 months monitoring the air and precipitation samples of 11 protected areas in the western United States, and divided them into dry air samples and wet rain samples. , The results showed that 98% of all samples contained microplastic particles, and the plastic fragments in the rain were slightly larger than those in the air. The most important source of these plastic fragments is synthetic fibers on clothing, which accounts for 60% to 70%, followed by industrial coatings.

Through calculations, researchers found that about 1,000 tons of plastic fragments are deposited in protected areas in the western United States every year. If converted into plastic mineral water bottles, 15 grams per bottle is equivalent to more than 60 million plastic bottles. The lead researcher, Utah State University environmental scientist Janice Brahney (Janice Brahney) believes that the wind blows plastics from the city to the surrounding areas. The dust and plastic hit the ground and deposited together. If it is a drier season, the plastic will drift farther, up to hundreds to thousands of miles. To put it vividly, microplastics can travel from the Sahara to the Amazon, and from any city to the north and south poles.

For a long time, COOWIN WPC has paid great attention to the environmental protection of the earth, and has continuously created and researched wood-plastic substitutes. The main materials of COOWIN WPC wood-plastic products are recyclable plastics and wood fibers. It is estimated that the production of 1 ton of wood-plastic products will consume approximately One ton of recycled plastic waste will reduce about 2 tons of carbon dioxide, and about 5 cubic meters of deforestation, which is equivalent to saving 80 barrels of crude oil and 12 tons of standard coal.

Today, COOWIN WPC’s high-quality outdoor wood-plastic products have been sold in 30 countries around the world, and have become environmentally friendly standard products for many high-end communities. COOWIN WPC will also continue to in-depth research and development, promote the sound development of circular economy, reduce the earth’s plastic pollution, and maintain ecological balance.


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