Why FRP panels are obsolete today?

FRP or fiber reinforced plastic was first developed in the 1930s. Using fibers to enhance the strength and elasticity of plastics, its innovation has been widely welcomed by people. The lightweight and practicality of FRP materials enable it to be used in aircraft, wind turbines, ships, etc.

FRP wallboard is essentially a piece of fiber-reinforced plastic glued to the wall. Facts have proved that in areas where the environment is humid and the walls need to be protected from mold, you can choose FRP wall panels, which was the most suitable solution at the time.

With the advancement of technology, great progress has been made in construction materials. You can still see FRP panels in old restaurant kitchens, bathrooms, warehouses, or offices, and you may even notice that some of these FRP panels have gone through years It will peel off the wall when used. So some people will ask whether there are new innovations in wallboard materials from the past to the present, and the answer is of course.

The WPC wall panels are specially designed according to the practicality of the FRP board, and at the same time solves the weaknesses of the difficulty in installing FRP board, the risk of peeling, and the risk of water vapor mold over the years. PVC panels have better adaptability in humid environments (such as car washes, food processing, indoor agriculture, and cold storage warehouses).

Installation PVC wall paneling does not require any backing such as plywood or oriented strand board. No backing means no adhesives or rivets are required. Using fewer materials means simple installation time, thereby reducing material and labor costs.

PVC panels are the latest technology for waterproofing walls, and most waterproof materials such as FRP or cement are still susceptible to water vapor penetration. PVC wall panels become a complete solution for any wet environment solution.


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