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PVC wall panel

Why choose PVC wall panels to build animal farms?

In the past, animal farms can built-in large open fields or spaces with temporary structures. This structure only provides basic protection for farmed animals. However, the hygiene and health of animals have been neglected. As time goes by, the living environment of farmed animals also needs to take seriously. Modern animal farms need to comply with many safety standards and regulations.

Whether it is used for agriculture or livestock breeding. And the use of the correct ceiling and wall materials is essential to ensure a safe and sterile environment. Let us see why PVC wall panels and ceilings are more suitable for dairy farms, pig farms. And poultry farms than other materials such as interior wood wall panels or FRP panels.

Excellent durability and strength

Whether it is used for wall panels or for capped ceilings. PVC panels are very tough and can easily withstand extreme weather and harsh operating conditions. Therefore, these panels can use for a long time without any serious damage.

Lower cost

Due to the rising cost of wood and labor, wood has become an expensive option for building and maintaining animal farms and enclosed facilities. Fiber-reinforced board or FRP is not very cost-effective considering the high material and installation costs. PVC material has a lower cost and is an ideal material for building animal farms. And because it can use for a long time, it can save a lot of maintenance costs.

Easy to clean and maintain

Raising livestock requires regular cleaning of the animal’s living environment to keep it clean and hygienic. Cleaning the PVC panel is very easy and simple. Ordinary soap and water are sufficient for daily cleaning, while bleaching and high-pressure cleaning can also be performed without any risk of damage.


Materials such as plywood or wooden wallboard are prone to breed various bacteria. PVC wall panels have high water resistance and can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosive dirt and animal manure are common in farms, and PVC material has excellent corrosion resistance, providing a good living environment for breeding livestock.

When you understand these factors, you will understand why PVC panels are ideal for dairy farms, poultry farms, and pig farms.


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