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Which is better wall panel or wallpaper?

Wall decoration design occupies a very important position in modern home decoration. Recently, wall panel and wallpaper are both very popular. When doing wall decoration, should we choose wall panels or wallpaper?

Decorative materials are indispensable materials in modern society. They have many excellent properties such as green, environmental protection, energy-saving, heat preservation, and fire protection.

When doing wall decoration, should we choose wall panels or wallpaper?

Tips for Choosing wall panel or panel wallpaper

waterproof and moisture-proof

The WPC wall panel is waterproof and moisture-proof. And will not cause mildew on the wall due to wall leakage. Wall Panels are the perfect solution to protecting the walls in your facility from water damage and many other forms of damage from the daily routine.

COOWIN WPC Wall Panels are 100% waterproof and will quickly stop the constant need to repaint the walls within your facility. Because the damp yellowing is a major defect of the wallpaper. If the wall is damp, some wallpapers are easy to use for a long time. Delamination has occurred.

In terms of design and color

Composite wall panels are a man-made product, that can customize in length as well as width. In addition to the size, you can also choose the surface and color as requested.

Also, our panel can be easily cut into various shapes and sizes to meet your different demands. The thickness and size of wallpaper usually are simple.

In terms of service life

If with proper installation, the service life of a good wall panel is generally between 20 and 30 years.

And the service life of wallpaper is often only a few years.

Environmental protection

The raw materials used on the surface of the wallboard are all environmentally friendly materials. So that the room after installation is environmentally friendly and tasteless.

The wallpaper is composed of three parts: paper base, ink, and wallpaper material.

Good soundproof

Wooden wall panels have excellent soundproof. And WPC wall panel can be designed with a special sound-proof structure.

Therefore the WPC wall panel has a stronger soundproof effect than wood wall panels. This makes the WPC wall panel the best choice for people seeking peace of mind.

Fire Proof

Interior wall panels are a reliable option to protect your life to be safe around, with its amazing fireproof structure. Interior wall panels can provide a complete solution for the fire resistance interiors. Every piece of the wall panel is designed to protect your room away from fire

low Maintenance

As long as the wall panel has been properly installed with enough room for expansion. And it should last the life of the house. And because of the excellent material, you only need to clean it with foamed water. No other special maintenance is required. It is very easy to install and can save a lot of time and labor.

Easy installation

Indoor wall panel installation can be quick, without any complicated installation steps. You can do DIY wall panels while installing, the wall panel can be cut into the size you want to decorate the wall. It is very easy to install and can save a lot of time and labor.

All in all, Interior wall paneling is more perfect in the interior decorations. Since the wall panel is the basis decorations for the house, we install the wall panel with the color you want. The color and size of the wall panel and the distance between the panel are also freely selectable. So everyone can really customize it to their own taste and style.

A beautiful wall panel can be the perfect focal point of our apartment. It can show well in all rooms of the house. For example, in the bedroom on the wall behind the backrest, or even in the living room on the TV wall.


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