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The history of wall panels dates back to 1000 years ago. Decorative wall paneling was used to construct buildings and cover some areas. Wall paneling art brought comfort, charm, and luxury to these rooms. Decorative varieties are available in styles such as wood grain, beaded wood, lion’s head trim, siding, and paneling.

Decorative wall paneling is functional and home decor while providing insulation and soundproofing. In general, wall panels provide a uniform appearance and uniform texture that is durable and easily replaceable. There is no specified maximum weight for materials performing these functions. However, maximum practical sizes have been proposed 2 to 8 feet wide for ease of use for transportation.

Wall panels offer a variety of benefits that make them the best choice for interior decoration. Through some customized cutting and thoughtful cooperation, wall panels can hide various lines in the room.

In the modern world, there are various types of wall panels and you can go for the right one according to your needs. If you want to find wall panels that are good for the environment, non-polluting, and easy to install. Then composite wall panels are recommended. This is a new type of composite material with excellent water and mold resistance, long life, and no maintenance.

Family harmony is the foundation for everything to go well. I believe everyone’s love for family is the same, but home is different, that’s why there are various decoration styles. I hope that through interior decoration, my home will show the unique personality or personal style of my family.

Wall decoration is quite important in the overall visual effect of interior decoration. There are several ways to decorate the walls.

Ways to decorate the walls

First of all, the simplest decoration is to paint the walls with white latex paint with some decorative drawings and paintings. Which can be decided according to personal preference. On top of the cost of decoration, this will be the most economical way to decorate. Which of course does not include the cost of those personal collections of artwork.

The second type is wallpaper. This kind of wall decoration color is selective, easy to install, cheap. But decorating with wallpaper will make your decoration style look too cheap. For example, hotels, dormitories, public places with this type of wallpaper decoration are very suitable. But to be used for home decoration, high-end luxury hotel, or store decoration, government projects decoration need to be carefully considered.

The third kind is private customization. Now there are also many professional wall decoration design teams. They are like Renaissance artists, who can create all kinds of miracles on the wall. Luxurious, vintage, minimalist, whatever style you want to see, they can render 3D effects and even move mountains, rivers, and grass on the wall. The only downside is the expensive customization cost. It depends on how you choose.

Looking at the decoration methods above, are there a lot of doubts? With decorative painting or wallpaper, it will always look too thin decoration style. If you pursue 3D effects and choose private customization, the expensive decoration cost is another big problem. Are there any other better decoration options?

Wood-plastic composite decorative wall paneling, perhaps you have not heard of this material, let alone this wall panel. But wood plastic composite wall panels can really meet your decoration needs. The 3D visual effects, various colors of paint with style, solid wood grain, and marble grain can help you add more choices in interior design.

What is wood-plastic composite wall panels?

WPC materials is a composite material formed by wood fiber and plastic, plus additives and color powder, through high temperature and pressure. Then processed into wall panels by extrusion, cooling, and finally forming wood-plastic wall panels. So even while meeting the luxury and high-grade decoration style. It can also ensure the practicality and economy of the decoration.

In terms of environmental protection, by looking at the composition of wood-plastic materials, we can learn that natural wood powder and PVC plastic are used, without any glue and harmful additives in it, completely 0 formaldehyde. And the wood plastic wall panel is made by high-temperature lamination treatment, stains are easy to clean, moisture and water-resistant.

And you don’t have to worry about the trouble in the installation process, because each wall panel is designed not only with a beautiful appearance. But also with the function of easy installation in mind, and one or two people can easily finish the installation of the wall panel.

Finally, about the wall panel manufacturing, I would like to introduce you to COOWIN. A factory with 21 years of experience as a supplier to overseas markets. As a reliable and stable supplier, providing one-stop service to more than 100 countries worldwide.

COOWIN WPC makes the world greener.


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