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What do you call decorative wood wall panels?

Now people are pursuing the original ecology, pollution-free and environmentally friendly home life. Therefore, it is more inclined to use wood wall panels for decoration in the house. The decorative wood wall panels not only has a good thermostat and noise reduction, it can effectively protect the wall, but also has excellent decoration, which can easily enhance the style of the home.

Then what is named decorative wood wall panels?

Wood wall panels were originally developed for practical reasons: to help insulate a room and provide a more durable surface than a painted Sheetrock wall. Now, its main use is as a decorative wall and helps make a room more visually appealing. 

they were recognized as decorative detailing to bring warmth to a living space.

Below are the advantages of the decorative wood wall panels.

Environmental protection

Wood paneling is more eco-friendly as it uses a renewable resource. In fact, it is a kind of artificial wood synthesized through a strict combination of wood powder PVC, etc. The production process does not require any chemicals, and it is cleaned and maintained. 

Hide flaws

The wood board is an excellent way to hide flaws in the walls, such as dents, cracks, pipes, or wiring.

Elegant and stylish look

wood panels are often associated with rustic, Colonial-style houses. Whether you decorate an entire wall or just halfway up, decorative wood wall panels will give your home a warm and stylish look.


There is no need to worry about wear and tear caused by children and pets on the ecological wood wallboard. Ecological wooden wall panels are sufficient to withstand the impact of falling objects from high altitudes and are more scratch-resistant in places with high traffic, such as living rooms and corridors.

Adequate insulation

Aside from its versatility, wallboard is a natural thermal and acoustic insulation material. By adding wall panels to your home, you’ll benefit from additional insulating layers to ward off noise and drafts.

wood wall paneling comes in several different types to fit any home decor.

Save money and labor

In addition, If you have worked with related products, you will have a clear understanding of the design of our wall panel installation after you have known our products. It is very easy and can save a lot of time and labor.


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