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What are decorative wall panels made of

There are many materials on the market that can be used to make wall coverings. Such as wallpaper, wall panels, solid wood, etc. But composite decorative wall panels are the most popular method of decoration at present. The materials used are not only moisture-proof, soundproof, environmentally friendly, and fireproof. And the service life can be up to 15 years.

Decorative panels are available in a variety of textures, designs, and patterns carved into the surface and finish to meet the needs of different customers. They are perfect for interior design ideas and can be used as feature walls to make a huge impact on the look and feel of an indoor or outdoor space. Wall panels not only transform ordinary walls into dramatic surfaces with a spectacular look. But they can also save thousands of dollars.

Decorative wall panels, on the other hand, are quick and easy to choose-they can be installed directly on your walls without any prior surface preparation. Such wall panels can be used to decorate the interior wall paneling of general houses, stores, schools, warehouses, and office buildings. Its main function is to beautify the building and serve as a decoration. From stylish mosaic effect wall panels to simple 100% waterproof wall panels, perfect for showers and bathrooms. Whatever you are looking for, each of our PVC wall panels is extremely durable and manufactured to the highest quality.

Composite wall panels

Composite wall panels are a new type of composite material that has been booming in recent years both at home and abroad. The material content is plastic, poplar wood powder, calcium, and accessories… All materials will be artfully mixed, extruded, and molded to produce panels or profiles. Thanks to technology and innovative methods, decorative panels have come a long way and are used to create wall treatments for any budget. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, designs, cores, and textures to suit the needs of different atmospheres and themes. There are so many colors and styles to choose from. So how do you choose them? Here are some suggestions

Size of the wall panel

The most important part of the size of the wall panel is two parts, one is the thickness of the wall panel. And the other is the width of the wall panel, we should determine the design style. The wall panel is very decorative and we should use it flexibly to make it a very colorful place in the space. We commonly use the width of 159mm, 170mm, 200mm, 610mm thickness range from 10mm to 25mm. The height of the wall panel should be suitable for the wall decoration. European and American houses are generally about three meters high.

The color of the wall panel

When designing a room, you will have a color theme, I recommend considering the color or pattern of the plane. Use one color for the whole room and use a contrasting color on the opposite wall or feature wall. Our company has a professional R&D department and they develop new colors every year. More colors can provide more choices for our customers.

Introduction to wall panel design 

Are you looking for cove panels, flat panels, or coves on the edge? Flat panels will give you a solid and smooth effect, while grooves will create a repeating pattern.

Our full line of PVC wall panels will add a touch of style to your bathroom, shower, kitchen, bedroom, or playroom. We offer a wide range of colors, sizes, and finishes at prices to suit any budget preference. They can also be used as media/TV partitions, artwork, and retail store finishes. Thanks to our tongue-and-groove interlocking system. Our cladding panels can be installed quickly and easily, creating an attractive finish at a great price. If you need help choosing a design or sizing your room. Please don’t hesitate to start a live chat with one of our sales teams.


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