Use of PVC panels in hydroponics

According to the needs of social development, hydroponic agriculture has achieved remarkable development in many countries. As a method of growing plants without soil, hydroponic agriculture requires the addition of nutrients to the culture solution. Like any indoor plant cultivation, hydroponic agriculture depends on the surrounding environment in many cases.

As more and more consumers around the world begin to accept healthy and clean diets, restaurants are beginning to use hydroponics to grow their own vegetables. Controlling the expenses related to hydroponic agriculture has become a concern of people in society.

In addition to factors such as temperature, pH, light, and nutrient density, there are also some considerations aimed at increasing yields and yields. One of them is to ensure that the hydroponic facilities are constructed with materials that are highly moisture-proof, meet structural requirements, and do not react with nutrient solutions.

Therefore, when choosing suitable wall materials for hydroponic facilities or planting rooms, there are four basic things to keep in mind:


Water resistance

Impact resistance


PVC wall panels meets all conditions, which is why it has obvious advantages over other materials.

In the past, concrete, glass, and stainless steel have been used for planting rooms and hydroponic structures. However, all these materials have not completely solved the four basic principles we discussed above.

If concrete comes into contact with nutrient solution, it will change the pH value of the solution. Stainless steel is non-toxic but not completely non-corrosive, so it is not suitable for long-term hydroponic applications. The glass is easily broken and the initial installation is very expensive.

PVC panels have excellent durability, impact resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance. Its unique lock structure makes it easier to install.

In a nutshell, PVC panels can withstand moisture and chemicals more than any other option.

It has a longer life span than other materials, provides a quick, simple and cost-effective installation method, provides a bright white surface and seamless reflective finishes, and maximizes indoor lighting.


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