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6 Unique PVC wall panels design ideas

Adding interesting decorative wall panels can make even the simplest room more interesting and unique. More and more people interested in interior design are using PVC wall panels. This is because these decorative wall panels can make their plain homes look more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

In most cases, PVC wall panels are easy to install. You can fix it to the wall to make your room look better and hide any imperfections. Using PVC wall panels for interior design is an easy, long-lasting, and inexpensive option. You can buy these wall panels in many different colors, textures, and designs to make ordinary walls look more sophisticated.

Artistry In Wall Panel Design

The artistry of wall paneling design goes back centuries. But that doesn’t mean your home can’t benefit from some new wall paneling designs.

Wall paneling consists of decorative strips, wall panels, and molding details that extend along the horizontal length of a wall unit. It is ideal for living room entrances, staircases, and hallways as well as dining rooms, bathrooms, and social spaces.

There are countless designs and PVC trim panels to choose from. There are a variety of ways you can brighten up your cherished home. From simple panel molding (trim pieces embedded in frames) to more elaborate shadowboxes (painted or stained trim pieces). Wall panels are like a second skin for your walls, adding a hazy beauty to your house.

These wall paneling design ideas bring high-end appeal to the rooms and hallways of your home. And it will also add value and an extra layer of protection to your home for years to come. If you’re not a DIY expert or don’t have the time to do your own wall paneling project. You can look for professionals and you can compare their prices and reviews before contacting them.

Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas

Bathroom wall paneling projects are a great traditional style. Unlike regular tile, wall paneling can give a more luxurious feel to a bathroom. However, traditional wood wall panels are prone to moisture, mold, and rot, so few people will use wood wall panels to decorate their bedrooms.

And PVC wall panels come to solve this problem. PVC wall panels are made entirely of poly-recorded vinyl plastic, so it is completely waterproof. When you use PVC wall panels to decorate your bathroom, you don’t need to worry about the moisture in the bathroom causing damage to the wall panels.

Wall panels consist of several molded and decorative components. However, some basics are used in almost all wall paneling projects. The top and bottom panels that extend from corner to corner of the wall are called rails. The vertical section between the guide rails is called the pattern. The inside of the guide rails and the pattern is the wallboard.


Ideas for Dining Room Wall Panels

Installing decorative wall panels in your dining room is one of the most impactful upgrades. Wall panels will add a sense of luxury to a restaurant and improve the dining experience for customers.

When considering where to go with dining room wall panels, opt for a traditional style. This is the most formal room or area of the home. Choose classic styles and decorations whenever possible.

The rule of thumb to remember when using interior decorative wall paneling is that it should take up one-third of the height of the wall. In other words, if your ceilings are 9 feet high, the top of the PVC wall paneling should be 3 feet. This is the simplest and most attractive design rule to keep in mind.

Ideas for Stair Wall Panels

Formal stair wall panels have been the main decorative material in early-style houses since the early days. They make a lasting impression. Create design features from a practical staircase, whether it’s a large staircase at the main entrance or a small space that could use a small wall panel.

You can choose to create different styles of wainscoting for your stairs. Some cover the entire wall with beautiful framing and panel lines, while others are installed only from the railing down. Whichever style you choose, it will require careful planning and considerable expertise in installation.


Floor-to-ceiling Wall Paneling Ideas

If you want to make the entire room as formal as possible, a floor-to-ceiling wall paneling design may be a good idea. Different rooms have many different functions, and all of these rooms can enjoy floor-to-ceiling coverage. While this may seem like a daunting task, the end result is worth it.

When it comes to wainscoting, people most often think of dining rooms and entryways. There are many different uses for this classic decorative style. By making an entire wainscot, you can create a beautiful backdrop for any room.

Rustic PVC Wall Paneling designs

Many designers choose PVC wall panels to decorate their homes because it is very versatile with many colors and options. Some PVC wall panels have the same look as wood, which brings a fun and rustic new gravity to house decorating.

You can use rustic-style PVC wall panels in your living room or bedroom. These decorative wall panels with the look of wood can give your house a rustic look. And you don’t need to do regular maintenance and upkeep work on these PVC wall panels.


Design Wall Panels for the Rest of the House

You can add different wall paneling designs for other places where there is less traffic and more casual than stairs and dining room. It can be a great addition to bedrooms, hallways, or any other space that needs extra decoration.

Adding PVC wall panels to your master bedroom can make the space feel more luxurious and relaxing, helping you unwind before bed.

Different Types of PVC Wall Panels

There are three main types of PVC wall panels that are mostly used for interior decorating. These include:

PVC Foam Panels

PVC foam panels are made with the help of PVC foaming, pressing techniques, and additives. They are available in various colors like yellow, green, blue, red, white etc. Many people use PVC foam panels with a thickness of more than 6 mm to cover the outside of the walls.


3D PVC Wall Panels

3D PVC wall panels have a texture that gives them the appearance of depth. This depth makes the wall panels look three-dimensional. The use of 3D wall panels helps to make a room look more modern.

PVC Panels

PVC wall panel sheets are installed in a PVC grid that extends along the length of the wall. The grid helps the PVC wall panels to remain strong. In addition, it makes the panels lightweight. the edges of the PVC wall panels have a system that locks them together so that water cannot penetrate. the PVC wall panels are usually available in different design patterns to better suit the homeowner’s design needs.

Why PVC Wall Panel Is a Good Idea

There are many advantages to installing PVC wall panels. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • PVC panel is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Additionally, you can get 3D wall panels to give your walls a unique and beautiful look.
  • Since PVC wall panels do not absorb water, they are very useful in wet areas. And some of the PVC panels have a locking structure that can be attached to a single device.
  • PVC wall panels are very easy to care for. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. The panels have a layer of polyurethane, which makes the surface flat and smooth and prevents the accumulation of dust.
  • Because the walls are so strong, they will not bend or buckle over the years. It is also very easy and quick to assemble.
  • The outer layer of PVC wall panels is smooth. Once in place, there is no need for additional finishing work, such as polishing or painting.


There are endless options for wall panels and the designs behind them. You can decide which design style you want for your home. You can get a professional designer to design several different options for your house. You can then choose the right PVC panels based on these design options to realize your unique interior.

PVC wall panels can be used for walls and ceilings in homes, offices, hotels, and any other indoor place. They are very user-friendly as they are affordable and easy to install. In addition, they also have an impeccable appearance. If you are building or remodeling a home, talk to your architect about adding these panels to make the home look more beautiful.

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