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6 Unique PVC wall panels design ideas

The artistic of wall panels design can be traced back several centuries. But this does not mean that your home cannot benefit from some new wall panel designs.

The wall panel is composed of decorative strips, wall panels, and modeling details, and extends along the horizontal length of the wall unit. It is an ideal choice for the decoration of entrances, stairs, and corridors, as well as restaurants, bathrooms, and social areas.

There are countless types of designs and PVC decorative panels to choose from. And you can add value to your cherished house in a variety of ways. From simple panel molding (pieces in its embedded frame) to more refined shadow boxes (featured with painted or dyed decorative pieces). Wall panels act as the second skin of your walls, adding to your house’s Omit beauty.

These wall panels design ideas bring high-end appeal to the rooms and corridors of your home, adding value and extra layers of protection to your house in the coming years. If you are not a DIY expert or do not have time to do your own wall panel project. You look for professionals, many house renovation contractors, you can compare their prices and reviews before contacting them.

Ideas for bathroom wall panels

The bathroom wall panel project is a good traditional style. Unlike ordinary tiles, the wall panel brings a more luxurious feeling to your bathroom.

The wall panels are built using several molded parts and decorative parts. But almost all wall panel projects use some basic knowledge. The top and bottom plates that extend from the corner to the corner are called guide rails. The vertical parts that run between the rails are called patterns. The inside of the rails and patterns is the panel.

Ideas for dining room wall panels

Installing siding in your restaurant is one of the most impactful upgrades you can complete. Wall panels will add a luxurious feel to your restaurant to improve your dining experience.

When you consider the direction in which the wall panels of the restaurant will develop, you can choose the traditional style. This is the most formal room or area in your home. Choose the style and decoration as classic as possible.

A rule of thumb to remember on traditional siding is that it should occupy one-third of the height of the wall. In other words, if your ceiling is 9 feet high, the top railing of the siding should reach 3 feet. This is the simplest and most appealing design rule to keep in mind.

Ideas for stair wall panels

Since the early days, formal staircase wall panels have been the main material for early-style houses. They left a deep impression. Create design features from practical staircases, whether it is a large staircase at the main entrance or a small space where a little wall panel can be used.

You can choose to make different styles of wainscoting for your stairs, from covering the entire wall with beautiful frame and panel lines to installing only from the railing downwards. No matter which style you choose, this requires careful planning and considerable expertise to install.

Ideas for wall panels from floor to ceiling

If you want to make the entire room as formal as possible, floor-to-ceiling siding may be a good idea. Different rooms have many different functions, and these rooms all enjoy floor-to-ceiling coverage. Although this may seem like a daunting task, the end result is worth it.

When thinking of wainscoting, dining rooms and entrance passages are the most common rooms that come to mind. The classic decoration style has many different uses. By creating the entire wainscot, you can create a beautiful background for any room.

Non-traditional siding concept

Since you may already be interested in formal, classic, and designed siding walls and all the rules associated with them. We want to introduce you to something completely different: there are no rules at all.

There are endless options for wall panels and the designs behind them. You can decide which design style your home adopts. You can find a professional designer to make several different design schemes for your house. And then you can customize composite style PVC panels according to these design schemes to achieve your unique interior decoration.

Design wall panels for other parts of the house

You can add different designs to other places that have less traffic and are more casual than stairs and restaurants. It can be an incredible addition to bedrooms, hallways, or any other space that requires a little extra talent.

Adding wall panels to a master bedroom can make space feel more luxurious and relaxed, helping you relax before going to bed.

Asked Questions about Wall Panels

Will wall panels make my room feel smaller?

Yes, the wall panels do make space feel smaller. The higher the wall panel, the smaller the room. It may not always have a perceptible shrinking effect, but it rarely makes the room feel larger. The best way to solve this problem is to use light-colored wall panels or match the wall panels to the color of the wall.

Will adding wall panels increase the value of my home?

Wall panels will not affect the market value of your house. But, the use of wall panels together with other high-end decorations will give your home a more luxurious feel, which may have a positive impact on the value of your home.


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