Ultra-durable indoor insect-proof wood-plastic composite wall panels

When we go to shopping malls, meeting halls, or other places, we can often see all kinds of exquisite interior wall paneling. Some of these wall panels are decorated like solid wood, and some have a unique 3D surface design. So are these materials installed with natural wood? the answer is negative. Most of the wall panels are made of wood-plastic composite material, which has the appearance of solid wood and the advantages of composite materials and is a brand-new material promoted by the modern decoration industry.

Long life of the wood-plastic composite wall panel

For large buildings, regular renovation works are more cumbersome. Therefore, the effect of use must be considered in the initial design and construction, so the insect-proof WPC wall panel is the first choice of many designers. Because this kind of wall panel is not only durable, but also has good performance in many special links, for example, the wood-plastic composite floor is not easy to be eroded by insects, is not easy to deform and crack, and has a long service life…

The wood-plastic composite wall panel is not easy to deform and fade

Many wall panels will fall off, fade or deform after years of use, which greatly affects the aesthetics of the entire building. The wood-plastic composite wallboard adopts paint-free technology, and its color can be kept stable for a long time, and the structural shape is not easy to deform. Therefore, wood-plastic composite wallboard is not only good material for interior decoration but also a must for outdoor decoration. It is an important technological development in the decoration industry.


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