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I first came into contact with wood plastic products in 2019. When I first came to the company, I was immediately attracted by this new vocabulary. After training, I began to slowly understand the advantages of this product.

Wood-plastic products are made into different styles of products by mixing wood powder and plastic powder, and calcium powder by extrusion molding. Take our company as an example. We currently have more than 50 products, and they are always in a state of research and development. Wood plastic products have many advantages, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, insect-proof, anti-termite, environmental protection, pollution-free, and odorless.

According to the different areas of use, our products can be divided into wall panels, ceilings, partitions, and decorative lines. Although they are divided in this way, they are actually very flexible and can be freely designed during use.

Our company’s products not only have many shapes, but also colors are very rich. The surface of our products can be divided into standard surface and coating surface. The standard surface comes in 25 colors. And there are hundreds of colors on the coating surface, which can be roughly divided into wood grain series, marble series, pure color series, cloth grain series and wallpaper series. Among them, wooden surface is the most popular. Although our products are not solid wood, their surface color and texture are feel like real solid wood. More importantly, it has some advantages that solid wood products do not have. For example, solid wood products are susceptible to damp and mildew, and in serious cases may rot and attract insects and ants. The use of wood plastic products will not have such troubles. This is one of the reasons why more and more customers choose wood plastic products.

Our products have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East markets, etc., and have been well received by customers in various countries.I believe our products will be more and more recognized and getting more and more popular.


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