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The Best Interior Wall Panel Manufacturer in 2022

Do you need modern and beautiful WPC wall paneling to decorate your interior space? WPC wall panels are one of the best solutions for decorating interior walls. One of the most important tasks of a homeowner is to choose the right wall cladding product in order to add value and beauty to any room. It’s not just about creating a functional space, it’s also about realizing your personal vision. COOWIN, the best interior wall panel manufacturer, can provide you with stylish and durable wall paneling and ceiling.

As the best WPC product manufacturer in China. COOWIN can provide not only interior wall panels but also WPC baffle ceiling, timber tube, and decorative trim. We can provide the best solution for your space, budget, and design requirements in different styles and materials. The WPC products we manufacture are a simple and effective way to divide a room or area. Next, let’s take a look at COOWIN’s different ranges and features.

About COOWIN’s WPC Interiors Decorative

For decades, interior decorative wall paneling has come a long way. In recent years, easy to install, maintenance-free and a wide variety of WPC wall panels have gradually become the mainstream choice for interior decoration. COOWIN is not only a leading WPC wall panel manufacturer in China but also an excellent WPC ceiling supplier.

COOWIN indoor WPC products are made of wood fiber, resin, and a small amount of polymer material extrusion. As an alternative to traditional wood materials, COOWIN’s interior wall panel and decorative ceiling have a solid wood-like surface. In addition, they are waterproof, mothproof, anti-corrosion, heat, and sound insulation. Therefore, they can widely apply to various interior decoration scenarios, bringing you a better living experience.

You can find wall paneling and ceiling for different design styles at COOWIN. they are all made of environmentally friendly and pollution-free composite materials, and the design styles range from simple to sophisticated, with a wide variety of color choices. You can use it to cover damaged walls and change the style of a room. Then build a simple, comfortable, and distinctive interior living space.

interior bedroom design

The COOWIN decorative ceiling series are strong, durable, and lightweight, providing added convenience in transporting and installing your interior ceiling project.

In fact, COOWIN also offers WPC timber tubes and decorative wall trim. Which can also use to decorate your house. To give you a better idea of WPC products, the COOWIN wall panel manufacturer can also provide free samples. In addition, we also offer customization services for WPC products to better meet your design needs.

COOWIN Interior Wall Panel

In modern society, people increasingly valued sustainable WPC materials. WPC decorative wall panels do not contain harmful chemicals, and according to researchers, the formaldehyde emission rate is only 0.3mg/L, which is far below the national standard. In addition, WPC fluted wall panels also have the advantages of easy cleaning and long service life.

The color, size, and shape of our WPC interior wall panel can customize according to the requirement of our customers. In addition, it can be nailed, drilled, sharpened, sawed, planed, and painted like real wood, and it’s resistant to deformation and cracking.

COOWIN decorative wall panels have a variety of characteristics such as rich patterns, various styles of modeling art, and a strong sense of hierarchy. It is designed to enhance the overall effect of interior decoration and create an environment atmosphere full of solid wood charm. It allows you to enjoy your outdoor life better.

COOWIN WPC Baffle Ceiling

Low maintenance WPC ceiling materials are a great choice for transforming interior design styles. The baffle ceiling from COOWIN is perfect for acoustical and noise control in public spaces and private spaces. Baffle ceilings can provide you with a linear open ceiling space pattern that promotes sustainability while achieving performance and aesthetics.

interior decorative wall panel

Baffle ceilings are perfect for creating the perfect ambiance for your space. This open ceiling construction is particularly suitable for concrete ceilings that require a unique design or improved acoustic sound. COOWIN baffle ceilings can use to improve the acoustics of concert halls, theaters, conference rooms, and other spaces where sound quality is important.

Poor acoustics in interior spaces can affect people’s health, communication, and learning. Good acoustical comfort contributes to our overall health. COOWIN High-Performance WPC ceiling series provides excellent acoustical performance and comfort while creating a pleasant environment.

Interior WPC Timber Tube

COOWIN WPC timber tube series products are rich in various forms. Which has a great effect on the beautification of architectural space. Timber tubes are used widely in modern space. Whether it is in dining and entertainment, or office meeting places. It meets people’s psychological need of longing for opening minds and needing privacy at the same time. It is conducive to expanding the horizon, allowing space to be effectively extended. Then increasing the transparency and agility of the room space.

While maintaining the ventilation and light transmittance of the space in practical applications. We adopt the design concept of partitioning to make space more stereo. That is, it can break the inherent pattern, and distinguish the spatial diversity. And make the living room variegated to achieve the mutual exchange of room space.

COOWIN Decorative Trim

Modern people prefer to pursue a simple decoration style. The interior decoration trim utilizes a combination of lines and wall panels to cover, modify and enhance the decorative beauty of the building structure.

Decorate the space with different styles and effects to simplify the decoration and the furnishings in the space. Because the successful decoration is derived from the details. And the fine craftsmanship will create a pleasant feeling for users.


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