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The best color combinations for bedroom wall panels and ceilings

When you enter a bedroom, the first thing that comes to your eyes is usually the wall panels and ceilings of the house. Therefore, how you choose the color of the ceiling and walls is one of the most important things to do. A good color combination can have a big impact on the overall feel and look of a room. If you want to go beyond bland colors, adding some excitement to the “fifth wall” is a good note.

When you wake up, the first thing you see is the ceiling of your bedroom. Choose the right color for your bedroom ceiling to make it worth looking at. There are two types of bedroom ceiling designs: false ceiling designs and regular ceiling designs. Now, let’s take a look at the most popular color choices and combinations for bedroom ceilings and walls.

False ceilings in chocolate color

You can install a chocolate-colored false ceiling in your bedroom. It looks great with brown and white interior wall panels and hides small imperfections. Chocolate-colored wall panels can also be placed behind the bed to give the room a warm, cozy, and introverted look.

For chocolate-colored ceiling or wall paneling options, you can paint pressure-treated wood panels. Of course, to protect your and your family’s health, you can also choose eco-friendly WPC wall panels and ceilings.

False ceilings in chocolate color

Beige and gray crossover ideas

Use your imagination and use a crossover design of beige and gray on the ceiling of your bedroom. It can create an interesting visual effect and bring you better visual enjoyment. Install lighting along the interlocking color zones so that the lighting setup brings out the details of the design. For the bedroom wall panels and furniture, you can choose brown as the theme color. Brown can give the room a summer feel while looking elegant.

Beige and gray crossover ideas

Blue ceiling with beautiful starry sky

The bedroom can have a blue ceiling with a starry pattern. This will make you feel like you are lying under the starry sky to sleep. Blue also represents land and sea, which means peace and abundance. Paired with white walls, the blue sky and white walls give the room a utopian feel.

For the choice of the blue ceiling, you can’t just paint it. You can choose wallpaper with a starburst pattern and stick them on WPC wall panels, then install these interior wall panels as ceilings above the roof.

Blue ceiling with beautiful starry sky

Minimalist white ceilings

White has a symbolic meaning of simplicity, purity, and integrity. Installing white ceilings in bedrooms shows that it is pure, simple, and naive. White color can make the room look bigger and brighter. This is because white reflects light better and gives the impression of depth. Pair it with beige wall panels and hang a few pieces of artwork and your bedroom will have more personality.

Minimalist white ceilings

Tips and tricks for color combinations

  • The color of your bedroom ceiling does not have to match the color of your bedroom wall paneling. In most homes, the ceiling is painted “white” to match the color of the bedroom. However, make sure the color of the roof and wall paneling matches the rest of the room.
  • Light or neutral-colored wall panels make a room feel calm and happy, while warm colors make you feel comfortable and at ease.
  • It’s best not to use more than two or three colors in your bedroom, as this will make you feel bad and make the room look too busy.
  • If you use too many “dark” colors, your bedroom will look dull and smaller than it really is. Choose light wall panel colors such as brown, beige, and light gray to make your bedroom look larger.
  • Choose the right color of WPC ceiling to match the rest of your bedroom’s decor and furniture.
  • There are many types of WPC ceilings to choose from, glossy, or matte, and they don’t need to be cleaned as often.


The most popular bedroom wall panel colors are classic blues and beige, pinks and grays, and warm yellows and whites. In addition, popular bedroom wall panel colors also include light brown and cream, peach and beige.

Overall, choose an interior wall panel and ceiling color combination that suits your style and create a room that is uniquely yours. Make your rest and sleep better.


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