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The 6 best color schemes for your living room

Choosing the right color combination for your living room can be a daunting task, but it can also be a fun and creative process. Does blue go with yellow? Does pink go with black? Need help coming up with color ideas for your living room? The classic black-and-white combination is timeless and elegant. Warm and cozy brown and beige combinations create a natural and rustic feel. Bold and vibrant red and yellow combinations add energy and excitement to a room. Calm and serene blue and green combinations create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Different color combinations bring you different enjoyment, and they will make your living room look stylish and inviting.

Understated luxury gray living room

Choose WPC wall panels with patterned Prussian blue to decorate the accent wall. For all other soft furnishings in the room, such as sofas, curtains, and thick carpets, choose shades of gray. Even a modern table with its gray frame and clear glass can show off the cool tones of gray. These are complemented by WPC interior wall panels in Prussian blue, making the room feel rich and elegant. A few green plants in the corners and on the table give the room the warmth and coziness it needs.


Elegant and mysterious purple living room

Purple has long been associated with nobility, grandeur, honor, mystery, and even magic. We used a light purple patterned wallpaper to decorate the walls of the living room. In this room, the magic spell is cast when shades of purple are mixed with white and gray. The light-colored walls are relaxing and accessories with black and metallic tones stand out. These make the room feel more dramatic, mysterious, and interesting.


Passionate yellow living room

Yellow is often associated with glory and hope, and when it is combined with the calm and imagination of blue, it makes for an unbeatable color scheme. Bright yellow furniture and artwork stand out even more against the white and cool blue walls. When you enter the living room, your eyes are immediately pulled to the pillows, and the colored pillows make the room feel brighter. The white rug makes you want to put your feet up and curl up on the couch for a long nap or a book. The color also looks great on the walls of the small living room, which is an added bonus.


Elegant and sophisticated black living room

Black usually represents power, elegance, and sophistication, so it makes sense to use black as the main color for your living room decor. A beautiful black and gray living room will definitely make a difference to your ideas.

Use a black WPC fluted wall panel to decorate the accent wall and place a black cabinet on the other wall. A gray sofa is arranged in the center of the living room and a standing lamp is placed next to it, along with other items to make it more elegant. small LED lights are placed on top of the WPC fluted wall panel at regular intervals to give the room a richer and more sophisticated feel.


Vibrant orange living room

Orange is one of the best color choices for a living room because it has both a vibrant hue and a vibrant ambiance. Gray can appear as a lining color in a room, so we choose one wall to be painted in a steady gray.

Then, we arranged different shades of orange inside the room, which gives the furniture a more prominent warmth. The back of the cabinet was cleverly chosen with a soft orange pattern to make the room more beautiful. Making the orange hues in this room stand out against the gray walls. The end result is that the orange theme is carried out in this living room.


A green living room with a natural touch

Green is a sign of nature and life, and if you paint your living room green, you can feel the same freshness and life of nature. The walls of the living room are painted in an almost emerald green color and the plants in the room continue this theme. Green is not used much in this room, but when it does appear, it looks great.

The green is subtly set off by the use of black and white, and the gray fabric is the last thing this room needed to be finished. Also, if you are trying to paint colors for the first time, it is a good idea to color only one wall of your living room. If you don’t want to go with paint, then you can also go with green WPC wall panels.


Frequently asked questions about color matching in the living room

What are some tips for putting bright colors together in a living room?

Use the color wheel to find complementary colors that work well together to bring a striking combination to your living room. You can also use color blocks to introduce bright colors. Another idea is to try different shades of the same color, both light and dark. If you don’t want to use all bright colors, you can use one bold color on the accent wall and a neutral color on the other walls to balance it out.

Can I put more than two colors in my living room?

Yes, you can use more than two colors in your living room, but make sure they work well together and don’t take up space.

How can I try a color scheme for my living room before I decorate it?

You can paint a small color combination on the wall and see how it looks in your space before using it for the entire living room. You can also create a mood board using journal pictures, online inspiration boards, and fabric swatches.


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