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The 134th Canton Fair’s second phase came to a successful end

On October 27, the 134th Canton Fair’s second part came to an end. According to the person in charge of the Canton Fair’s Information Center, the second phase continued the “hot” mood of the first phase. There were new and innovative exhibitors, a lot of buyers from other countries, and a friendly atmosphere for bargaining and doing business. It was called “People and Money in Two Prosperous.”


First, how many buyers from other countries came to the meeting to figure out the best way to grow. As of October 27, 157,200 buyers from other countries and areas had come to the meeting since the Canton Fair opened. This is up 53.6% from the 133rd session of the same period and up 4.1% from the epidemic before the 126th session of the same period.


Sixty thousand buyers came from countries along the “One Belt, One Road” route, making up 64% of the buyers. This is an increase of 69.9% from the same time last year. Buyers from Europe and the US will also start to grow again, with an increase of 54.9% from the same time last year. Most exhibitors said that the Canton Fair’s on-site transactions and buyers’ follow-up appointments to see the factory went better than expected. They said that trust has been restored and that they are optimistic about the number of orders for the future.


Second, the exhibition areas for the three main categories—housewares, gifts and decorations, building materials and furniture—reach 170,000, 200,000, and 140,000 square meters, respectively. This shows and promotes the whole industrial chain of consumer goods for the home. This makes it easier for buyers to buy everything they need in one place and also encourages industry exchanges, cooperation, and new ideas.


Third, buyers from other countries liked goods that were green and low in carbon. Green and low-carbon products can be found in the exhibition hall in areas like building and decorative materials, sanitary ware, furniture, home furnishings, and other major exhibition areas. These products have become the company’s “first products,” which are well received by buyers from other countries, especially those from Europe and the United States.


The use of new materials that are better for the environment, reusing products, saving energy, and lowering emissions during the production process are all examples of “green smart manufacturing.” This helps businesses get into more international markets.


Building materials have always been an important part of design. At this show, people can look at a wide range of materials that will be used in the future. The exhibition will show the newest developments in material technology, ranging from smart materials for digital architecture to new materials for sustainable development. This will give designers and architects a steady flow of creative ideas.

As one of the biggest companies in China that makes composite decking, COOWIN has one of the most popular standard display booths at this Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fair.

COOWIN’s WPC wall panel, WPC ceiling, and WPC timber tube were well received by the visitors.



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