Protect Forest Resources–COOWIN WPC Replaces Anticorrosive Wood

Recently, biologists from the University of Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey have discovered that some areas of Antarctica have been covered by green microalgae. Studies have found that temperature and nutrients determine the distribution of green algae in the Antarctic Peninsula, and as the climate warms, green algae will multiply in Antarctica on a large scale.

As one of the potential primary producers, the reproduction of snow algae will affect the nutrient supply of the downstream terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and even lead to the gradual disappearance of the glaciers in Antarctica.

The appearance of “Green Snow” also sounded the alarm for us. In recent years, extreme weather has continued to increase. From forest fires, floods to hurricanes, natural disasters have hit us again and again. But is this natural disaster really “natural”?

People’s activities have led to the accumulation of the greenhouse effect, which has caused global warming. Global warming will have consequences such as the redistribution of global precipitation, the melting of glaciers and frozen soil, and the rise of sea levels. It will not only endanger the balance of natural ecosystems, but also threaten human survival.

When we enjoy the convenience brought by modern technology, we also need to pay attention to the problem of serious damage to the earth’s ecology as a result of human beings’ excessive demand for natural resources.

Statistics show that at least 80,000 acres (equivalent to two Paris) forests disappear from earth every day.As the leader of high-quality wood plastic, COOWIN always takes “restoring the beauty of harmony between man and nature” as its mission, and constantly innovates and develops high-quality wood plastic to replace raw wood materials, so as to reduce human deforestation and promote the sound development of circular economy. Maintain the earth’s ecological balance.

According to existing industry data, using 1 ton of COOWIN wood-plastic products can reduce about 2 tons of carbon dioxide and reduce 3 cubic meters of deforestation, which is equivalent to saving 80 barrels of crude oil and 11 tons of standard coal.

Of course, what is more important is everyone’s awareness and awareness of environmental protection. Save a cup of water, cut one kilowatt-hour of electricity, and use high-quality wood-plastic products to replace anti-corrosion wood and other log materials to protect the forest and the earth on which we depend.


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