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Interior Wall Panel

COOWIN has a wide range of WPC wall panels. Waterproof paneling for shower walls, interior wall paneling, and other rich interior WPC wall panels help you create a comfortable environment.

WPC Real-wood-like Indoor Wall Panel CWB-188

WPC wall paneling is more cost-effective than wood wall paneling, it doesn't need much maintenance.

  • Wall Panel
  • 188x30mm

WPC Easy-to-install Wall Panel Model CWB-193

WPC wall paneling does not require chemical treatment, so it does not contain harmful substances.

  • Wall Panel
  • 193x13mm

WPC Interior Decorative Wall Panel CWB-200A

As a leading wall panel manufacturer in China, we can provide the best wall panel wholesale service.

  • Wall Panel
  • 200*12mm

WPC Environmentally friendly Panel CWB-200B

COOWIN wall panel, better decorate your house and let you enjoy your life better.

  • Wall Panel
  • 200x14mm

WPC High-performance Wall Panel Model CWB-200C

Fluted wall paneling can bring unparalleled visual enjoyment to your interiors.

  • Wall Panel
  • 200x28mm

WPC Interior Decorative 3D Wall Panel CWB-200D

Inspired by real wood grain, fluted wall panels offers an element of nature in your home.

  • Wall Panel
  • 210x29mm

WPC mositure-proof Interior Wall Panel CWB-204

COOWIN wall panels has good corrosion and water resistance without chemical treatment.

  • Wall Panel
  • 204x24.5mm

Luxury Wood Grain Wave Home Decor Wall Panel CWB-209

COOWIN has many different styles of wall panel that are perfect for villas, houses, and hotels.

  • Wall Panel
  • 209x15mm

WPC Wooden Indoor Decor Wall Panel CWB-250S

As a leading wall panel manufacturer in China, we can provide the best wall panel wholesale service.

  • Wall Panel
  • 250x10mm

WPC Mildew-resistant Interior Wall Panel CWC-172

COOWIN WPC Wall panels are highly-durable and stands up to extreme weather conditions.

  • Wall Panel
  • 172x9mm

WPC Wooden Indoor Decor Wall Panel CWC-210

Feel the charm of COOWIN WPC wall panels which look like wood with none of the drawbacks.

  • Wall Panel
  • 210x9mm

WPC Indoor Decor Material Wall Panel CWC-410

With WPC fluted wall panels, you can see the very best in modern style and caring for the environment. These WPC wall panels completely change the way we think about wall coverings.

  • Wall Panel
  • 410mm*9mm

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