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Interior Wall Panel

COOWIN has a wide range of WPC wall panels. Waterproof paneling for shower walls, interior wall paneling, and other rich interior WPC wall panels help you create a comfortable environment.

WPC Sound-proof Interior Wall Panel CWA-120

The best interior wall panel on the market. It gives what you need for a cozy room environment.

  • Wall Panel
  • 120x10mm

Anti-corrosion Indoorwpc Wall Panel CWA-163

COOWIN fluted wall panels make for a great living environment. Suitable for every buget.

  • Wall Panel
  • 163*10mm

WPC Waterproof Indoorwpc Wall Panel CWA-210

Real WPC wall panels brings you peace of mind. No maintenance required. Cost-effective in the long run.

  • Wall Panel
  • 210x9mm

WPC termite-resistant Wall Panel CWB-158

As an environmentally friendly WPC material, it can recycle the plastic waste in our lives.

  • Wall Panel
  • 158x10mm

WPC Interior Decor Wall Panel CWB-158C

Witness the epitome of modern design and environmental responsibility with WPC fluted wall panels. These panels redefine the concept of wall coverings, seamlessly blending the warmth and aesthetics of wood with the durability and sustainability of WPC materials.

  • Wall Panel
  • 158x15mm

WPC mositure-proof Interior Wall Panel CWB-159

WPC fluted wall panels are one of the best choices for decorating interior spaces.

  • Wall Panel
  • 159x26mm

WPC mositure-proof Interior Wall Panel CWB-159B

WPC wall panels are the perfect example of modern style and caring for the environment. These panels change the way we think about wall panels by combining the beauty and warmth of wood with the strength and long-lasting nature of WPC materials.

  • Wall Panel
  • 159mm*15mm

WPC Sturdy Durable Wall Panel CWB-159C

Stronger and more durable interior decorative wall panels. You can enjoy life more comfortably.

  • Wall Panel
  • 159x13.5mm

WPC low-maintenance Interior Wall Panel CWB-167

With WPC fluted wall panels, you may observe the pinnacle of contemporary design and environmental responsibility. With their perfect integration of the warmth and beauty of wood with the robustness and sustainability of WPC materials, these panels completely rethink the idea of wall coverings.

  • Wall Panel
  • 167x24mm

WPC Interior Decor Mateiral Wall Panel CWB-170

WPC fluted wall panels are rugged, long-lasting, waterproof, eliminating your worries.

  • Wall Panel
  • 170x15mm

WPC Indoor Wood Grain Style Wall Panel CWB-173

Interior WPC wall panel is widely used, it is not only easy to install, but also easy to clean.

  • Wall Panel
  • 173x20mm

WPC Easy-to-install Wall Panel Model CWB-177

The best interior wall panel on the market. It gives what you need for a cozy room environment.

  • Wall Panel
  • 177x22mm

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