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Interior Accessory

A complete range of accessories for wall panels and ceiling beams is available here. Shop the best interior wall panel accessories in many designs and styles to match your home decor needs.

Interior Decorative Accessory for Ceiling AC-05

All the accessories are exlcusively designed for COOWIN WPC wall panels, ceilings, and timber tubes.

  • Accessory
  • S/M/L

Interior Decorative Accessory for Decorative Trim AC01

Specifically designed, our accessories work well with all sort of COOWIN products, including wall panels.

  • Decorative Trim
  • 14x10mm

Interior Decorative Accessory for Panel AC-04

Built for tongue and groove assmbly, these clips make sure WPC wall panels are linked together firmly.

  • Accessory
  • 45x33mm

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