Indoor Waterproof PVC Wall Panels

When choosing indoor waterproof wood-plastic wall panels, you should choose the material suitable for the effect according to the actual situation. PVC waterproof wall panels are mainly divided into hollow panels and solid panels. So, where should we choose the right waterproof PVC wall panels? Here is a brief introduction

Bathroom, flower room area-solid waterproof PVC wall panel

For areas where water is often used, we can choose solid PVC wall panels. The solid wood-plastic wall adopts a unique design concept, which can play a role in rapid drainage, so that too much water will not accumulate for a long time, thereby affecting the quality of the entire wall panel. Similarly, solid PVC wall panels are also suitable for flower room decoration. Because we need to water the plants for a long time in the flower house, the solid PVC wall panel can play the role of drainage.

Living room, bedroom area-hollow waterproof PVC wall panel

Both urban residents and rural people attach great importance to the quality of life. We can use waterproof PVC wall panels to decorate our living rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms. The hollow waterproof PVC interior wall paneling has an excellent sound insulation effect. In addition, the hollow waterproof PVC wall panel feels better, it looks like a wood wall panel, and can also reflect a higher level of decoration. Therefore, when buying waterproof PVC wall panels, we can choose solid or hollow according to our requirements. The effects of the two are completely different.


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