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How to remove WPC wall panels from the wall?

As the most important part of home decoration, the choice of wall decoration can affect the entire decoration style, so most people will be very cautious when choosing wall decoration. Traditional wall decoration mainly includes painting and wallpaper, and the popular WPC wall panels have become the mainstream in home decoration in recent years.

With the high development of society, the people’s pursuit of quality of life is no longer limited to food and clothing. But more is to seek a high-quality, high-comfort living atmosphere. The aesthetics and requirements for home improvement are becoming higher and higher. It is no longer simple and comfortable. More people will start to pay attention to environmental protection, fashion, and elegance.

What is WPC wall panel?

So what are WPC wall panels? As the name suggests, WPC is an abbreviation for wood-plastic composite material. WPC board is a mixture of recycled wood, recycled plastic, and a small amount of adhesive. Now, it has become ideal building material for residential and commercial purposes. Combining the advantages of different materials, the WPC board is stronger and more durable than solid wood, but its appearance is also similar to solid wood. Wood-plastic wall panels can make not only flat surfaces but also shapes similar to the Great Wall. We usually call this kind of wall panel the Great Wall panel. According to different decoration styles, we can cut the wall panels to make different shapes. This is also something that painting and wallpaper can’t do.

Advantages of WPC Wall Panel

The more advantages of WPC wall panels are waterproof, insect-proof, ant-proof, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. They can use in many places, such as hotels, schools, cinemas, stations, airports, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, bars, hospitals, and other indoor places. Wood-plastic wall panels can not only be used for wood-grain color surfaces but also marble surfaces, cloth-grain surfaces, solid-color surfaces, metal surfaces, etc., which can meet the decoration needs of different places.

As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of wood-plastic wall panels is that they are easy to install. It only needs a simple clip to install it. The specific installation steps have been mentioned in our previous article. You can have a check to learn more.

How to do secondary decoration

So what should we do if we want to remove the wall panels from the wall for a second decoration? Same as installation, the removing is actually very simple. Now that we use the clips for installation, on one hand, its function is to fix the wall panel stronger, in fact, on the other hand, it also plays a role in protecting the wall panels. 

In the process of dismantling, we only need to remove it from the last wall panel. We can use an air nail gun to gently take out the nails from the clip, and then slowly remove the clip, which is safe, fast and at the same time The integrity of the wall panel can be maintained, and the wall panel can be used for secondary use. It will not cause damage to the wall either.

Believe that we have said this much, many friends who are about to renovate their new houses are already eager to try. The decoration is like dressing. We don’t need to choose the most expensive one. The one that suits us is the best. The place where activities are carried out every day, especially for the old people and children. Choosing non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, and environmentally friendly materials is very important. Comfortable decoration style It will make our body and mind happy. Move on to get a new fresh life.


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