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How to match different decoration styles with wall panel colors?

Create a gorgeous dining space with the right wall panel colors. Get inspired with our gallery of dining room wall paneling ideas.

Next, we’ll go through eight different decoration styles to introduce how our interior wood wall panels decoration colors match.

A Colorful Contrast

This beautiful blue-green coated wooden wall panel is a statement maker in this dining room. Navy velvet chairs with brass accents and a dark wooden table offer a nice contrast.

Color is the biggest element that’s used in the design. The color choice is a very important decision to make at the start of the design process, and it’s important to get it right.

In COOWIN WPC wood paneling ideas, more than twenty kinds of pure color laminated wall panels are available. The laminated surface is made of PVC film, which is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and does not fade. And more importantly, has a service life of over 10 years.

Understated Elegance

Color doesn’t have to be bold and saturated. The walls are painted a pale blue-gray on top with bright white molding underneath. Traditional touches can be found in the brass-framed artwork, faux silk curtains, a dark wooden table, and white round dining chairs.

Chocolate Lovers

In addition, the rich chocolate color on this dining room wall is unexpectantly chic. And robin’s-egg blue linen chairs with nailheads look great against the brown walls and mahogany table.

Likewise, you can choose to use dark-colored wall panels with light strips to show a different visual experience.

In the Woods

Above all, if you prefer neutrals and natural textures, this dining room is a must-see. An existing wood paneling, concrete countertops, dark caned chairs, and black matte lighting provide a masculine, modern look.

If you are worried about the high cost of decorating with solid wood and the laborious maintenance afterward. I would still recommend COOWIN WPC wall panels as the best choice for you. Because both solid wood wall panels and WPC wall panels can meet the requirements from the design point of view. Especially, our WPC wood grain laminate is a good substitute as the grain and color are close to solid wood. And you don’t have to worry about wallboard breakage and insect infestation later.

No-Hassle Color

If you don’t feel like painting or need a renter-friendly alternative, just add a colorful rug underneath the table to wow your dinner guests. This indigo Moroccan rug with light linen chairs is an easy and modern update.

Farmhouse Appeal

Barn doors can be found everywhere these days, but they’re typically not in a dining room. We opted for white doors, black walls, rustic furniture, and an open iron chandelier for a modern farmhouse look.

If you don’t like black walls, you can also use some dark wood grain wall panels as decoration. So that the whole country decoration style also has some natural feeling.

Island Time

If any dining room says bright and cheerful, it’s this one. The pink coral walls and emerald-painted chairs give a tropical feel no matter where you are. Brass planters and a muted pastel rug finish the space.

Vibrant colors with exquisite patterns, wallpaper-style wall panel decorations will also bring unexpected excitement and vitality to your dining room.

Pretty Provencal

This Provencal blue dining room is a showstopper. Add the same paint color to the trim work and mullions to create a seamless look. Silver accents and royal blue vases are the perfect accessories.

With the same color ceiling, the entire dining room is unified, which is undoubtedly the best match of the Provence style.

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