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How to join wall paneling for interior home?

Wall paneling is a fantastic feature to use in the home and the variety of styles and finishes means it works in almost any interior scheme. There are many reasons behind the recent surge in popularity of wood paneling high among these is the ease of installation.

More straightforward to apply than ceramic tiles, you might be surprised at just how quickly you can achieve a stunning house transformation. Having custom-made paneling installed by a professional is always going to look good and fit perfectly.

But the DIY option is a viable alternative if you have a reduced budget. All you need is some careful planning. Here are some top tips and expert advice to give you a helping hand.

Confirm the installing wall paneling environment

First check that your walls are dry, flat, and even –and free from dirt and grease. If necessary flatten high spots and fill in low spots and remove anything such as wallpaper or loose paint that could interfere with a good, strong panel adhesive bond.

Choose your style

The kind of paneling you go for will have a significant impact on the room, so think about the style of your interior, as well as the architectural period of the building. For a classic look with cleaner lines, you could opt for our CWC series flat wall panel. Similar to the smooth paneling project, fluted wall panels create a classic look that works in both traditional and contemporary spaces. This style is ideal for our house. A flat panel will give you a solid smooth effect whereas a fluted will create a repeat pattern.

About the color, You will have a whole color style in mind when designing your room, I would recommend considering flat color. One-color for the whole room, contrasting colors on opposing walls or a feature wall.

Decide on width and height of wall paneling

Our popular width is 159mm, 170mm,200mm,610mm thickness ranging from 10mm to 25mm. Your next job is to decide how high you’d like your paneling to go. It should depend on the height of your house. European and American houses are generally about 3 meters high. Also, our standard safest length for shipping is 3metre per piece. You can cut it easily as the height of your house. We then trimmed off all the pieces with our saw.

Fix your panels

There are a number of different ways to fix your paneling to the walls, and it mostly depends on the style of paneling you’re using. The most popular and common method is to use clips. We can provide you with the clips together with the wall panel.

In much older houses, the walls may be half-tiled with the tiles bedded in cement. As these can be difficult to remove, it may be simpler to leave them in place and batten out the wall above so that it is plumb with the surface of the tiles. The profiles and wall paneling can then be stuck onto the tiled area using high grab panel adhesive and pinned to the battens above.

Interior wall paneling is also the perfect solution to protect the wall away from moisture, which is the ideal building material with waterproofing. It is important for you to protect your house not to be humid. And If there is some water on it, it is very easy to clean.

Using a WPC wall panel gives you a lot more freedom, as you can transform the look dramatically with color. Tone the panels in with the walls for a subtle look or go bold with a contrasting shade. In addition, alternative materials are more versatile and practical, allowing you to install paneling in high-moisture areas, such as bathrooms. Of course, wood paneling is still a beautiful option. The exquisite oak paneling in this entrance hall demonstrates how floor-to-ceiling timber can still look light and airy.


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