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WPC flat wall panels

How to install flat composite wall panels

If you are looking for the appearance of a country house, or want to give the house a more traditional charm. You can choose to install flat composite wall panels, which are a good way to decorate your room.

Installing composite wall panels is a simple method that can bring unique design beauty to non-characteristic rooms. While protecting the walls from the wear and tear of family life. Composite wall panels are both practical and stylish.

With the rise in popularity of home decor accounts in the world. We have also seen the evolution and rapid growth of certain interior design trends.

wall Panels have a decorative feature that actual design and color texture. It’s no wonder it’s such a hit for so many interior-obsessed decorators.

About flat wall panel

Flat wall panel also called “quick to install” wall panel. Flat wall panels are exterior or interior panel systems that create a flush appearance along the surface of the panel. These panels can range in shape and size and are often used in both interior and exterior applications

It is recommended that composite wood panels be installed in climate-controlled interior environments with humidity and temperature controls.

As with any natural wood product, be sure to acclimate the composite wood to the environment where it will be installed. Stack wood panels in alternating rows and allow them to acclimate for one week.

When starting to install, please refer to the below progress:

Install the first wall panel on the top, and cut the edge of the wall panel neatly by knife

Use clips to connect the first wall panel, and fix it by air nailer.

Use clips and an air nailer to Install the second wall panel in the same way.

If there are any holes or areas that need to be reserved, trim the wall panel according to its shape Installation is complete.

The advantages of composite wall panels

Waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof

Relatively speaking, the service life of composite wall panels will be longer than that of solid wood. Its major characteristics are waterproof, moisture-proof, and insect-proof. So it effectively solves the problem of easy rot and swelling after absorbing water in humid and multi-water environments.

The problem of deformation can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used.

Rich colors, strong plasticity

The color system of the composite wall panel is very rich. So there is a lot of room for users to choose from. And at the same time, they can customize the desired color according to their own preferences. This fully reflects the personalized style. Especially some young people like it very much kind of decoration method.

High performance, strong fire resistance

Judging from the materials currently selected by the public, most of them pay more attention to the performance of the products. And the WPC board does not contain benzene, and the formaldehyde content is 0.2. Which is lower than the EO grade standard.

It is the European grade standard and can be recycled. Which greatly saves the amount of wood used is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development. In addition, it has strong fire resistance, self-extinguishes in case of fire, and does not produce any toxic gas.

Simple installation, good sound absorption

For the installation of composite wall panels, there is no need to overcomplicate the process. Which effectively saves the operation time and cost.

At the same time, its machinability is very good. For example, ordering, planning, sawing, drilling. And it can be easily achieved. The sound absorption effect is good, and the energy-saving performance is good so that the indoor energy saving is as high as 30%.

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