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How to install ecological wood ceiling

The ecological wood ceiling material is very environmentally friendly, even better than logs. This kind of suspended ceiling plank has good moisture-proof performance, especially suitable for southern decoration. The ecological wood ceiling has a long service life and is very easy to install. The price of this kind of ceiling is acceptable to the common people. So it is very popular in the market. At present, many building materials builders are selling this kind of product. The following editor will show you how to install the ecological wood ceiling.

How about ecological wood ceiling


Diverse shapes and rich colors. The ecological wood ceiling is rich in color and soft in the material. People can make any shape and cut according to the shape they need, straight, block, line, and surface without being broken. Which fully meets the endless imagination and creative inspiration of the designer. And it does not have the knots and twill often found in wood.

And it has a variety of colors, including Asian pomelo, Thai pomelo, golden sandalwood, red sandalwood, silver walnut, black walnut, walnut, dark mahogany, light mahogany, cedar, and so on. You can also add colorants, use a film or make a composite surface to make a colorful product. So as to fully meet the needs of people’s individual customization.

Comfortable and natural

Comfortable and natural, with a strong three-dimensional effect. Because the ecological wood planks are produced on the basis of natural wood, the color is as consistent as possible with natural wood. This also makes the decorated ceiling give people a comfortable and natural feeling.

Moreover, the board type of the ecological wood ceiling itself is three-dimensional. And the conventional decoration has a good three-dimensional effect. In addition, it can be designed arbitrarily, which can create a stronger three-dimensional effect.

Environmentally friendly

Environmental protection, no pollution. The wood powder used in ecological wood is processed from scattered wood that cannot be used directly. Which not only improves the utilization of wood resources but also solves the current shortage of solid wood resources. Moreover, the processing process does not emit industrial waste, and the processing raw flooring material does not contain toxic substances.

In addition, the surface is smooth and flat, and no extra processing technology is required. Therefore, it does not contain toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde. So as to achieve the entire process from production to user use. Environmental protection and pollution-free.

How to install ceiling planks

The ecological wood ceiling is a kind of ecological wood product. Simply put, it is artificial wood. It is made by mixing resin, wood fiber materials, and polymer materials in a certain proportion, and then through high temperature, extrusion, molding, and other processes. Shaped profiles. Ecological wood is opposite to logs. It has the natural texture of wood, but it is a new type of wood that is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than logs.

Determine the installation plan

The installation instructions of ecological wood suspended ceiling first determine the installation plan. According to the ceiling elevation level, use a laser level to project the ceiling elevation level along the walls and pillars. Then, according to the ceiling joists required by the design, the keel division line is divided on the level of the raised ceiling elevation.

Install the main keel arm

Just come down to install the main keel boom. After the ceiling elevation level and the keel bin position are played, determine the elevation of the lower end of the boom, and install the boom on the ceiling steel grid according to the position of the main keel and the hanging distance. superior. The boom is directly welded to the steel grid of the roof. Put the main keel of the assembled hanger into the corresponding hanger bolt according to the position of the dividing line, and tighten the nut. Install the connector at the joint of the main keel, and adjust the elevation and straightness by pulling the wire.

The keel should be horizontal and vertical

The keel should be horizontal and vertical. When making a shaped keel, the installation requirements are smooth lines, uniform gaps, and vertical parallel. Pay attention to the position of the lamp when making the keel. The keel should not be placed at the lamp hole, and the ceiling and ceiling lamps should be reinforced separately. The ecological wood ceiling is installed at a distance of 10cm, and the quality is guaranteed during the installation process.

The installation of ecological wood ceiling is relatively simple, but the main points of installation should also be grasped. The ecological wood ceiling is a new type of environmentally friendly decoration material, with very beautiful shapes and colors. If you want to know more, please contact us…


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