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How to install 3D PVC wall panels

3D PVC wall panels are like large 3D tiles that are easy to cut and make great decorative wall panels. Make your house more beautiful.

Our house is a bit old and we plan to contact a plasterer to repaint the walls. But his quote was a bit expensive, so I planned to do it myself. Because I’ve done a few smaller plastering jobs in between.

Fortunately, that’s when I learned about PVC 3D wall panels. If I hadn’t heard about these 3D wall panels, maybe I would have skimmed them after rough plastering. That would have been a much worse decorative effect.

So, let’s learn about PVC 3D wall panels, shall we?

I was initially puzzled by these 3D wall art panels. I had never seen or heard of them before. Then I looked for some examples of related projects with pretty good decorative effects.

If you have an uneven wall, level it out before installing PVC wall panels to make sure it’s roughly level. It doesn’t need to look pretty. As long as you don’t get uneven when you install the wall panel.

Are these suitable as bathroom wall panels?

Yes, PVC wall panels have excellent waterproof properties. And can be used as bathroom wall panels. PVC materials are highly waterproof. And will not corrode or become moldy in spaces with high air humidity. So you can use PVC wall panels in your bathroom with confidence.

Can these be used as outdoor wall panels?

These wall panels are unlikely to be suitable for outdoor use. In an outdoor environment, wall panels are subjected to long periods of wind, water, sun, heat, rain, and snow. PVC wall panels are not suitable for outdoor wall panels. So you may ask, then the composite material can not be used for outdoor wall panels? The answer is no. You can choose a WPC wall panel to decorate your outdoor space. WPC wall panel is more resistant and has high environmental adaptability.

Can these be used as 3D decorations for the bedroom?

Yes, I believe they are suitable as wall panels for bedrooms. PVC wall panels are made by hand, so its color and surface are customizable. Would you like to decorate your bedroom Disney-style? Do you want to have a lounge with a technological touch?


Cutting wall molding panels to fit

Before proceeding with the wall panel installation, the wall panel needed to be cut. This is easy to do because PVC wall panels are very easy to cut. The size of the cut wall panel depends on the wall panel design ideas you have chosen.

Using a level or straightedge and a pencil, I drew my mark along it.

Then using a Stanley knife, I cut along my pencil line on the backside of the wallboard.

Note that you can also use your straightedge as a guide.

Next, I need to do a test fit to see if it fits. Then secure it to the wall. After that, it’s just a matter of repetitive work.

Installation of decorative lines

Is it over after the installation of wall panels? Of course not, you can still make it a little more perfect. Once your PVC wall panel installation is complete, choose the matching decorative lines and install the skirting. Make the wall panel look perfect as a whole.

Ceiling Panel

After completing the entire installation, if you still have extra energy. You can also choose to redecorate the PVC ceiling. A ceiling that matches the wall panels will give your room a more coordinated look.


About PVC panels FAQS

What is PVC material?

PVC means Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It is a kind of building material that is a mixture of plastic and wood fiber is referred to. Nowadays it is very widely used. PVC material is economical and easy to install. It looks so good that it is replacing traditional building materials such as wood, clay, etc.

What are the benefits of PVC panels?

PVC panels are easy to install, beautiful, waterproof, stain-resistant, termite-resistant, moisture-resistant, budget-friendly, low maintenance, safe and recyclable. In addition to that, the installation of PVC panels is a very easy job. Compared to tile or even paint, etc.

– The installation of PVC wall panels causes very little disturbance. This is because there is very little noise during installation.

– It does not spread dirt as painting does.


Where can we use these panels?

PVC panels can be used to cover interior walls, room ceilings, offices, basements, and especially bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Are PVC sheets waterproof?

Yes, these sheets are absolutely waterproof, these sheets are made of PVC and the joints are waterproof. These sheets can be used in wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms. Otherwise, you can use them everywhere in the house, such as bedroom ceilings, garages, basements, etc.

Can we use PVC sheets over existing tiles or plywood?

Yes, PVC panels can be installed over tile, plywood, and drywall.


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