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How to decorate your balcony with a garden design in 2023

Balcony gardens are a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to decorate your balcony. More importantly, they make us understand that everyday landscaping and greenery can bring us so much happiness. Gardens have always been built in outdoor spaces. They make outdoor spaces more beautiful and brighter. Also, an outdoor garden can you a large space to grow a variety of plants and vegetables. If you don’t have a larger outdoor space, then you can transfer the garden indoors. They are placed on windowsills, in sunny areas, or even in bedrooms and guest rooms.

Balcony gardens are a relatively new idea. Many people in the city want to build them, even if they only have a small amount of space. Many people living in apartments want to experiment with their creativity and have fun decorating their balcony gardens.

Having a balcony garden can be fun, but it can be difficult at first. There are many different balcony garden designs, but what works on a small balcony may not work in a large room. Plants that should be on a windowsill may not work so well on the floor. You can start with a design idea and create a plan around that idea to create a beautiful and unique balcony garden.

Put a ray of sunshine in the design of your balcony garden

Unlike balconies with shade trees, sunny balconies get full exposure to the sun’s rays all day long and even for most of the year. Most of the time, they are on top of high-rise apartments where other buildings do not block the light. Fruits and flowers grow well on sunny balconies. Brightly colored planters break up the monotony, and if the sun is too strong, you can use an umbrella to shade them. Having a sunny balcony garden is a dream come true. They work well with natural light and can be set up so the kids can play, you can have a picnic, or you can spend time with your family.

Make avant-garde furniture with WPC material

WPC material has the advantages of being waterproof, mildew resistant, and low maintenance, using this material to make balcony garden furniture will allow you to enjoy it better. Indoor WPC products can show different textures and look great with bright flowers and greens. With some soft lighting and wicker planters and baskets hanging from the WPC ceiling, this unique space can serve as a bar corner for friends or as the perfect place for a party.

Miniature Balcony Park

Think of all the beautiful flowers, herbs, climbers, and plants in your neighborhood park, and bring them all to your little garden. This is very possible and will be seen in many homes in the next year. Putting lots of different colors and shapes of plants where the light falls or where there is a little shade is like bringing a little piece of heaven into your home. It doesn’t take a lot of planning or design, but it does take a lot of care and personal time.

Vertical hanging gardens on balconies

As balconies shrink, having a vertical garden becomes possible. In cities where space is relatively small, many homes will have such gardens in them. Homes often have pots and planters hanging from metal fences, standing bamboo with recycled plastic bottle planters, and even wall plants. Simple eyelet hooks, metal brackets, and bolts are used to hang baskets and planters. Placing plants in different pots at different heights can add visual interest. Watering vertical gardens and distributing sunlight to plants is also easier.

Modern balcony garden

Modern balcony gardens carefully combine the look and comfort of modern minimalist living with a large variety of flowers and plants. This look is easy to pull together thanks to simple wicker furniture with glass tables, hidden lighting, wood-paneled walls, and small porcelain pots and planters. Modern balconies are all about simplicity and minimalism, and they have the plants that go with this style.

Grow those kitchen herbs

Growing herbs and some vegetables is an easy way to grow your own food here, and you can do it on a windowsill or throughout your balcony. Parsley, oregano, ginger, mint, and shallots don’t take up much space, can be planted on vertical planks, and require minimal watering. For proper drainage, vertical gardens need holes, but they produce more food and less work.

Give it color

While flowers themselves can make for a colorful balcony garden, not all flowers can grow year-round. Alternate planting different kinds of flowers and plants, placing contrasting colors everywhere, and looking for plant types that need the sun or can be shaded. If you move your plants and pots around, your balcony garden will be more colorful, interesting, and full of different textures. Improve the interior space with matching plant markers, WPC flooring with wood grain, bright furniture, and decorative WPC wall panels.

Home extension garden

Some apartments are really small, hard to move around in, and crowded, which is not good for people’s health and peace of mind. Integrating the balcony with the home is a great way to make the living space look larger. Build a glass-fronted sliding door to the garden, place plants and planters everywhere, and place furniture that connects the indoors and outdoors, breaking up the walls between the two. A balcony garden like this is a great place to have breakfast in the morning or a picnic on the weekend.

European minimalist design

Bringing the beauty of everything together. Europeans love simple, uncluttered designs, but they fill their homes with flowers and plants. The look of any house balcony can be transformed by a bouquet of petunias or roses, window frames hung with climbers, small pots with cacti, and simple but beautiful decorations and furniture.



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