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How to cut 3D decorative wall panels?

The 3D decorative wall panels were developed with high-tech three-dimensional display technology. It can provide a 360-degree three-dimensional effect, without any additional 3D imaging equipment. And the naked eye can feel the three-dimensional effect of the scene. At the same time, compared with the traditional 3D picture. The 3D wallboard solves the problem that there is no three-dimensional effect when the 3D pattern is rotated by 90 degrees. Move the 3D decorative wall panel at any angle. And you can see the realistic three-dimensional effect.

3D decorative wall panels are a popular interior design feature that can add depth and texture to any room. Whether you’re installing them for a dramatic accent wall or using them to create a unique headboard or ceiling treatment, cutting the panels to fit your space may be necessary. However, cutting 3D decorative wall panels can be a bit challenging, as the design may be intricate and the material may be fragile.

Application of 3D wall panels

In addition, 3D wall panels can be used as interior wall decor or ceiling tiles materials, making the sense of space stronger. Such as bedroom background walls, TV background panels, hotel suites, theaters, cafes, libraries, restaurants, schools, hospitals, airports, stations, offices, etc.

It has a wide range of uses and a wide range of uses and is deeply loved by consumers and interior designers.

3D decorative wall panels, no pollution. It has natural environmental protection that other materials can’t match. It can reduce sound and noise and purify the air. 3D wall panels can greatly improve the insulation of the wall and achieve the effect of energy-saving.

It is easy to install and build. One-time molding, stable structure, high strength, insect-proof, termite-proof, waterproof and mildew-proof, self-extinguishing from fire, easy to clean, maintenance-free, convenient for wall decoration, and increase usable space.

Installation instructions for 3D wall panels

The installation of 3D three-dimensional wall panels is very simple. In most cases, you only need connectors and corner protectors to complete the installation. Most factories can customize the length of the wall panel according to the height of the wall. In most cases, you don’t need to cut it yourself.

3d decorative wall panel

However, some installations with special design requirements, due to their fixed specifications and dimensions. They cannot meet the needs of on-site installation of the entire board.

At this time, the wall panels need to be cut on-site. In this issue, we will talk about the correct operation of on-site cutting and processing of wall panels.

Material preparation

Before cutting, prepare a measuring tape, construction gloves, goggles, a clean towel or rag, and a cutting machine.

Cutting decorative panels

First, put on the prepared goggles and construction gloves, take out the wall panel that needs to be cut. After that put it on the back to prevent the powder or sparks from cutting from splashing on the finish layer of the panel.

After that, take out the tape measure, measure the plate to be cut on-site, and mark the cutting position. According to the measurement position, use a cutting machine to cut neatly.

Finished product cleaning

After cutting, take out a clean towel or rag to gently wipe off the sundries on the front and back of the plate. So as to prevent the iron filings produced by the cutting from sticking to the surface of the plate and causing the plate to rust.

Similarly, the above are the basic steps required to cut wall panels. In our actual installation process, sometimes we need to make different shapes according to the design. In this case, we must carefully measure according to the construction drawings and cut into the design effect at one time.

Above all, if you encounter a situation where you need to reserve space for power switches, air conditioners, fans, etc. You must re-measure and mark the cut according to the actual situation.


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