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How to choose the colors of wall panels in the house

Thousands of colors are created by nature, with green in spring, colorful in summer, red maple in autumn, and silver in winter. Each color has a unique charm. When different colors of wall panels are matched with each other, a beautiful visual effect can be displayed.

Color is the quintessence and soul of interior decoration. And accurate color matching and methods determine the success of the project. Choosing the right color in the home wood paneling can give the house a more fashionable style and comfortable atmosphere.

If you are thinking of decorating your home, designing a well-matched overall color scheme from the beginning will save you a lot of effort.

Wood paneling has become one of the hottest and most popular DIY home decor trends to add some interest and dimension to a room. Create key walls or add some textures or different colors to the wall decoration of the room. So that you can enhance the style of your home and commercial spaces.

In interior design, the use of colors in the same relatively closed space will be restricted to the below types:

Three color principles

Try not to use more than three colors in the same space, these colors include ceiling, wall panel, decking, and furniture. Enclosed separate spaces can have different colors (such as closed bedrooms, study rooms, and bathrooms). But if the two spaces are connected together, they are regarded as the same space.

Special colors

White, black, grey, gold, and silver are not counted in the limit of the three colors. But gold and silver generally cannot exist at the same time, only one of gold or silver can be used in the same space.

fluted wall panel

Rustic white wall panel

If your home or office has some dramatic wall panels, consider installing some multi-color wall boards in this area. The richness and color variation of the solid wood boards really catches the eye and draws it upward.

This can make the walls seem taller than they are, while also highlighting the unique architecture and skylight. The same wood panels are used on the doors as well, helping to tie the two areas together and prevent the wall decor from looking too stark.

Choose a single color for a Modern Look

Select a single color scheme if your aesthetic is clean and modern, recommend grey. Gray has been one of the most popular interior design colors for the last several years. Use a single color for basic panel molding that covers the bottom one-third of the room

Wood grain color

Wood wall panels can be made up of wood powder and PVC. Replace traditional wallpaper, and install it more conveniently and quickly. Most importantly, the color looks natural and textured in the sunlight.

Woodgrain color adds even more color to the design with unique things. This lets the character of the natural wood shine through, while also allowing the wall panel to complement both the light and dark tones used elsewhere in the house.

Marble color

This color feels smooth by hand, this is mainly used for the bathroom. This marble panel also has a gray undertone to it, but one that’s much more subtle. The entire wall has been sanded smooth to give it a very light and even tone overall.

Today there are many color choices available when choosing the right color for a wall panel not to mention other customizable options like texture, and size. With so many color styles available, it’s possible to find wood grain color as unique as your DIY project.

The spacious living room is decorated with warm colors, which can avoid the room from giving people a sense of openness. The residents with small rooms can be decorated with cool colors, which makes people feel larger visually. In the same family, there is also an emphasis on color.

The bedroom and dining room decoration is warmer, Therefore, COOWIN recommends that when choosing the color of the wall panel. The decoration owners should choose different colors according to the different functions of the room.

Paint wood paneling and original wood paneling are outdated, and WPC wall panels can be customized to suit the design and color of the house, if you are interested, contact us for a free sample.


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