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How to buy the right WPC wall panel for home decoration?

WPC wall panel is a new type of decorative wall material developed in recent years. The WPC decorative wall panels have the advantages of being lightweight, fireproof, mothproof, easy construction, safe use, obvious decorative effect, low maintenance, and so on. For home decoration, how should I choose the right WPC wall panels? The following table outlines the issues that need attention in the selection process

  • The type of wood plastic composite wall panel
  • The color of the wood plastic composite wall panel
  • Size of wood plastic composite wall panel
  • The warranty period of the WPC wall panel
  • The service life of wood plastic composite wall panel
  • Price of wood plastic composite wall panel
  • For agents and engineers
  • For individual buyers
  • Whether it is a factory
  • Whether have the relevant certificate

What do you need to know about the WPC product?

Types of WPC wall panel

Different companies have different product models, which is the biggest headache when shopping for wood-plastic wall panels. Because wood plastic products are new materials, there is no globalized unified standard system.

So, in the process of buying wood plastic wall panels, we should look at the product models of each manufacturer corresponding to product size, color, and pattern. To ensure that the products we receive are the models we initially wanted.

The color of the composite wall panel

Composite wall panel color matching, the same space, must use the same color scheme, different spaces with the color scheme will be different.

WPC wall panels warm tones with method: warm tones include orange, yellow, red, ochre, and other colors. So you can make your whole home looks more warm, warm, and enthusiastic.

Wood plastic wall panel cool tones with method: cool tones include green, cyan, purple and other colors. This kind of tone can make the whole home looks more quiet, cool, and elegant.

Size of wood plastic composite wall panel

The size of the wood plastic wall panel is customizable, but the purchased quantity needs to meet the custom requirements. If you do not have the means to meet the custom requirements, do not worry. COOWIN wood plastic wall panels have dozens of models to choose from, there is always a model size to meet your needs.

However, it should be noted that when ordering products, you must account for the width and thickness of the product you need according to the length, width, and height of the decoration space. and they can customize the length after confirming the width and thickness according to specific needs.

The warranty period of the WPC wall panel

When you buy electronic products, many electronic products will have a warranty period. And our WPC wall panels also have a warranty period. Today, we are introducing the warranty period of the COOWIN wood plastic wall panel. Hope it will be helpful for you.

The term of the warranty period for the COOWIN interior WPC wall panels, WPC ceiling, WPC timber tube, and the decorative trim shall be five years from the date of original purchase provided. And that such purchaser maintains ownership of the real property upon which the COOWIN product was installed.

The service life of WPC wall panels

Stainless steel fasteners and stainless steel nails are used to attach WPC wall panels to the wall. Unlike putting up tiles, which have to be stuck down with cement. Because they will fall off after a few years because of how the temperature changes.

Normally we say that WPC wall panels can have a life span of about 15 years. If properly maintained, it is not a problem to use it for 20 years. WPC wall panels are becoming more popular these days and are a great way to decorate your home. Becoming the mainstream product for interior wall panel decoration.

Price of WPC wall panel

Usually, the price per square meter of WPC wall panel is 10-15 USD. A high-quality product will have a high price. A lower quality product has a relatively lower price.

So when shopping for a product, the first principle is not to look at the price. You need to account for the possibility of buying a higher quality product based on the overall budget. But also remember to ask for samples to confirm that the product you are buying when is worth it.

The interior decorative wall panel is not a consumable product. COOWIN recommends buying high-quality WPC wall panels. Because the higher the quality of wood plastic wall panels, the longer the service life and the appearance and color are closer to the sense of solid wood.

What you need to know about after-sales service

For agents and engineers

At COOWIN®, we offer solutions to help boost your sales. We can provide free samples and installation guides. In addition, we also provide marketing materials including sample boxes, brochures, leaflets, display shelves, and posters. Bespoke manufacturing and bidding support are also available to dealers who plan to explore further the local market.

For individual buyers

We provide WPC product free samples, installation guides, and One-to-one after-sales service.

What you need to know about the company

Why choose a production factory?

Firstly, the cheap price is a big advantage of the factory. Secondly, the factory has technical and packaging resources and can contact customers at any time. Third, the factory can control the quality, generally speaking, it is to ensure the quality of their own export products first. And then to meet the quality of the trading company’s products. Fourth, the factory can always lead customers to see the factory and provide samples, etc.

How do determine whether it is a real factory?

1. Information dedicated

For example, the merchant is selling computer bags and the merchant store information in computer bags or shoulder bags. So you can determine if a physical factory if the store has speakers, chargers, keyboards, more information and category is very mixed, it is certainly a trade.

2. Price comparison

The price of the entity manufacturer is definitely lower than the traders.

3. Quotation speed

Source manufacturers quoted quickly, they are familiar with the product, very clear about the cost of a product. And pseudo-factory in the case of unfamiliarity, but also to find the source manufacturers to quote so that the quotation time is lengthened.

4. Quality assurance

Solid manufacturers of after-sales guarantee, you can promise to exchange or return or a few years warranty.

5. Field factory inspection

Trade companies will not be allowed to visit the workshop for various reasons, including the physical plant casual look.

Whether have the relevant certificate

COOWIN® is certified by and strictly operated with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, CE, FSC, Green Labeling and BV Certification, products are tested by SGS and Intertek and provide inspection reports.


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