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How do add composite panels to the wall?

With the improvement of education level and continuous development of science and technology, new types of decoration materials have poured into our lives. Various shapes, rich colors, and lightweight. Wood-plastic wall panels are one of the typical representatives. As the name implies, wall decoration materials, many people may not know much about composite wall panels. Today we will introduce the following content, let’s take a look!

Wood-plastic wall molding panels, also known as ecological wood, are resistant to deformation, moisture, insects, and ants, and have certain environmental protection properties. Beautiful and generous, with a variety of colors, and a wide range of applications. Instead of anti-corrosion wood material, it is mostly used for three-dimensional wall effects and indoor background wall decoration.

Today we’ll show you how to add molding panels to the wall?

Considering the professionalism of the installation. It is recommended that the installation be carried out by professional construction personnel. Please clean the plaster walls before installation to make the wall dry, flat, and clean. If there are construction industry regulations or local regulations, please install them in accordance with the regulations.

Plastic-wood wallboard, as wallboard, can use sliding barn doors, panel doors, closet doors, hollow flat doors, beadboard doors. But cannot be used for other purposes, such as building brackets, building connection frames, supports, or other load-bearing components.

Tools needed:

An electric drill is a tool that must be used in the installation process; because plastic-wood material has certain brittleness, when fixing the keel of this wood-plastic material, first use an electric drill to lead the hole, and then screw in the screw to fix it, not directly nailing, otherwise, The material may crack and break. When fixing the wallboard, it can be matched with a nail gun and fixed with a nail. During the installation process, ordinary woodworking tools are also needed. It is best to use protective gloves during construction. When installing, it is recommended to use stainless steel screws for fixing. The number of screws is determined by the construction personnel at their discretion, and the wall panels can be fixed without too many screws.

Drainage and swelling problems:

The water absorption rate of plastic wood material is about 0.2%, and the expansion rate is about 0.5%. Therefore, when installing this wall panel, please leave a corresponding gap (3-4mm) between each panel. The use of thermal expansion and contraction.

installation steps:

Step 1: Fix the plastic wood keel

Arrange the plastic-wood keels evenly and fix them on the flat wall with plastic expansion pipes. It is recommended to leave 40 cm between each keel. The keel joints should be spaced 5mm apart to prevent expansion. Press the expansion tube on the wall at a distance of no more than 40cm. At the position corresponding to the expansion tube, use an electric drill to guide holes on the keel. The hole diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the stainless steel screw. Then screw the screw into the drilled hole to fix the keel on the wall. During construction, all nail heads should be screwed into the keel, not exposed outside the keel, otherwise, it may cause uneven wall panel surface.

Step 2: Fix the wall panel

Cut the wallboard into different shapes and sizes according to the design requirements. When installing the wood-plastic wallboard, the stainless steel fasteners or wooden fasteners should be built in the starting position to facilitate the fixing of the first piece. First, use the diameter For a smaller drill, lead the wood-plastic nailing part into a small hole, and then fix it on the keel with the corresponding screw, and so on.

Step 3: install edge or corner sealing

Install with “L” shaped edge banding. It can be fixed with stainless steel screws or copper nails (anti-rust). as the picture shows. Note: When installing, please try to arrange two or more construction workers to work together. Because the material is brittle and insufficient in toughness


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