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Home Interior Design Trends in India 2023

Indian home interior design trends for 2023 reflect the country’s culture, customs, and traditions. Rich, vibrant hues and textures combine with WPC materials and traditional patterns to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. Low-maintenance, easy-to-install WPC materials are used to decorate homes. Traditional patterns, such as paisley, floral, and geometric patterns, are seen throughout the home, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere. By combining these elements, the Indian home interior design trends for 2023 will create a space that perfectly reflects Indian culture and heritage.

Modular furniture with a vintage look

Modern people are buying furniture that saves space and works well to make their homes look larger and less cluttered. This style has been popular for a long time, especially in big cities like Mumbai. Modular furniture with a vintage style will be popular this year. You can add a vintage feel with WPC interior wall panels, carvings on the walls, and mirrors with metal frames. You can also choose furniture that has a big impact, such as poster beds, wing chairs, or vintage sofa units. The right mix of modern and traditional home interiors gives you the best of both worlds, which will be a big trend in 2023.

Semi-open layouts

Especially in small apartments, open layouts give the impression of cleanliness and spaciousness. But semi-open layouts with small walls will become more popular this year. Add WPC timber tubes, curtains, or glass partitions to your home to get the look you want. Wooden walls with rotating TV units and multiple shelves are another popular option. This way, you can watch TV in different rooms of your home and use shelves to display books, artwork, and houseplants. This modular furniture not only makes your home look better but also makes it more useful.

Easy ways to work from home

Most of us now work in a mix of ways, not just at home. This has also changed the way people decorate their homes. Last year, there was a lot of interest in having an ergonomic home office. This year, people are more interested in having a home office that is easy to set up and focuses on health and good vibes. one of the top trends in home interior design in 2023 will be working in a home office on a balcony. Or a window with plenty of plants where you can enjoy the view while answering work calls.

Sustainable furniture will gain momentum

Sustainable, eco-friendly furniture is gaining popularity all over the world, and Mumbai is no exception. A rattan sofa with a brightly colored cushion cover is a great way to blend calming tones with pops of color. You can also use a coffee table made from previously used wood to match your eco-friendly home decor. A few DIY wall hangings, rattan lampshades, and jute floor rugs can give your home an earthy feel and complete the look of your sustainable home interiors. Small steps, such as not buying plastic and replacing it with metal and using real plants and flowers instead of fake ones, can go a long way in life for the environment and the future.

Bright and strong colors will be the new trend

Bright, bold colors will be popular this year. So, don’t be afraid to use bright colors this season to give your home and life the freshness and energy it deserves. Bright pastels like yellow, green, and blue will be very popular in 2023. If you’re worried that too many bright colors will make your house look cluttered, you can always add more light or add a pop of color with pillowcases, curtains, blankets, and upholstery.

Printed furniture and decorations will be a trend.

As we have already talked about, this year will be all about bright colors. Therefore, printed upholstery is another creative way to add color to your interiors. This makes your home look better and makes it immediately feel more colorful. Here, you can choose a traditional Indian theme, but you can choose any print or pattern you like. This printed upholstery can be paired with any home decor you choose to make your home look stylish.


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