Flame retardant hotel indoor WPC wall panels to ensure fire safety

In the rapid development of the decoration industry, the performance of composite decking materials has been greatly improved, and there are mature conditions in all aspects of the decoration project, especially in the hotel industry, the fire safety requirements are very strict, which is also reflected invisibly The seriousness of the choice of wall decoration materials, especially the effect of flame retardancy on the decoration effect is also objective.

High flame retardancy

As we all know, the wall decoration of the hotel must have a good fire prevention effect. If the selected wallboard material is flammable, it cannot guarantee not only the basic fire prevention effect, but also potential safety hazards of varying degrees. And in terms of the flame retardancy of outdoor siding materials, it can effectively prevent fire from spreading under the same conditions, which is believed to be good fire resistance for most hotel decoration projects.

Improve decoration conditions

Although there are many kinds of decorative materials today, from the perspective of flame retardant and fireproof requirements, it is necessary to combine the difference between the flame retardant properties of concrete and decorate with standards in the hotel industry. The flame retardant effect of decorative materials can be used, and the improvement of engineering conditions is more obvious. It is believed that it is essential for most hotel decorations. Reasonably avoiding fire safety is the key to many hidden safety hazards.

Improve the scope of application

Therefore, the application range of wood plastic composite wall panel has been significantly broadened, and the flame retardant performance and corrosion resistance have been comprehensively improved, so it can also ensure that the use efficiency of outdoor wallboard materials is greatly improved.


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