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False ceilings design guide for children’s bedrooms

Why do we install false ceilings in a room? This is because they can be both functional and better decorate the room. As a functional decorative product, false ceilings in children’s rooms can help hide things like wires, cables, and pipes. Otherwise, they can be unsightly and disrupt the appearance of the rest of the room. False ceilings can also help if the original or structural ceiling is prone to damage, such as leaks or paint that often peels off the walls.

In addition to these benefits, a false ceiling design for a child’s bedroom can make the room look better overall. You can make false ceilings out of materials such as plaster, wood, or WPC. Each of these materials has its own qualities that make it suitable for a false ceiling. Plaster is liked because it is light, and wood is a very common material for upholstery. But we prefer you to use WPC ceiling, which is an environmentally friendly and maintenance-free composite material.

False ceilings for children’s rooms with a framed look

This simple false ceiling gives a clean and organized look to the children’s room. Since it runs along the corners of the room, the false ceiling acts as a border and looks like a picture frame. When lights are put into the false ceiling, they give the room a glow and make it look brighter.

Whether you are reading, playing games, or resting, you can make your child’s stay more comfortable.

Try different shapes of false ceilings

For any other room, you might opt for a simpler and more useful false ceiling design, but for your child’s bedroom, you can try something different. Your kids will love the fun shapes in the false ceiling that add a playful touch to their room. The shaped holes in the false ceiling allow the light to give the room more personality.

False ceilings for children’s bedrooms with enhanced lighting

False ceilings not only solve practical problems such as hiding real ceilings, but they also allow for the installation of many different kinds of ceiling lights. This false ceiling for a children’s bedroom has recessed and hidden lights. It makes the room brighter and adds to the lighting of the room. You can also try different colors of lights for extra fun.

A false ceiling in a child’s bedroom shows off their hobbies

A false ceiling is an extra ceiling that hangs over the main ceiling. This allows you to make the false ceiling look the way you want it to. Kids’ bedrooms are always a good place to make changes because kids like to make their rooms fit their interests. If your child is interested in music and wants to learn how to play, this false ceiling with piano keys will be a great source of inspiration.

Fake ceiling for kids bedroom for sports fans

This is one of those fake ceiling designs for kids’ rooms that your kids will instantly love. If your child’s favorite sport is soccer, turn the false ceiling into a soccer field. It fits perfectly with the sports theme of this children’s room.

With these fake ceiling designs for kids’ bedrooms, you can be creative with fake ceilings. Kids love it when their room shows who they are and they take their room very seriously. A personalized false ceiling in your child’s bedroom is another way to make your child happier.


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