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Different false ceiling types for home | WPC ceiling

Whether it’s a home, office, theater, or wedding room. An aesthetically pleasing interior can make people more comfortable. Therefore, good interior decoration has a very important role. Today, let’s learn about the different false ceiling types.

Different false ceiling materials

These types of ceilings are becoming popular in modern homes, offices, and restaurants these days. It will add some creative touch to those plain white ceilings of homes and offices. You can also put beautiful lights on this drop-out ceiling which gives a look to the entire space.
Currently, there are many different types of raw materials available on the market regarding ceilings. Solid wood, PVC, glass, and WPC. all have their own advantages. 

Wooden ceiling

Wooden ceilings are one of the most common types of ceilings. It is one of the safest false ceilings you can install in your residential apartments and offices. Wooden ceilings look beautiful and at the same time, they can effectively insulate the electric current. It avoids the danger of people using electricity.
You can draw some beautiful images or designs on this ceiling grid to add magic to the room. Or use a unique square design to achieve a different look and feel.

Gypsum ceilings

Gypsum ceilings, which are primarily composed of calcium sulfate, can install in offices and commercial complexes. It also can install on the ceiling in this false ceiling, making it look simple and professional. These ceilings are fireproof and can be made into any shape. Such as curved, drop, or other designs.

Glass Ceilings

In public places such as libraries, theaters, and restaurants, the glass ceiling looks fantastic. To improve the appearance of ceilings, you can combine the idea of glass with wood or metal. One of the most significant advantages of the glass ceiling is that it can be designed and colored in a variety of ways. It will also give the entire space a larger appearance. To make this drop-in ceiling more appealing, add a chandelier or candle lamps.

Metal ceiling

The metal ceiling is suitable for usage in houses, museums, and event venues. These fake ceilings are mostly cross-section or T-section designs. The rods are then put in the ceiling to complete the look. One of the most significant advantages of metal ceilings is their low cost and soundproofing. Metal false ceilings are easy to clean and can be embellished with artistic patterns and decorations. Beautiful lamps can also be hung from this ceiling.

Plaster of Paris drop ceiling

POP is a common material used to make an artificial ceiling. Today, Plaster of Paris artificial ceilings may be found in more than half of all houses, workplaces, hotels, and restaurants. It has a long lifespan and can conceal all of the electrical wires and ventilation ducts that detract from the appearance of the room. On the POP artificial ceiling, plain linings, floral motifs, or any other artistic design can be applied.

WPC False Ceiling

This is one of the best types of false ceilings for any home, office, or hotel room. WPC false ceiling is easy to clean and conceals the lights, making the rooms appear brighter and more alive. This T-bar ceiling can paint in a variety of colors and shapes in any way you want. This false ceiling is also cheap and prevents shock circuits. It is ideal for any type of weather.

Pros and cons of different false ceiling types


1. The false ceilings decrease the space between the floors and ceilings which makes it easy for you to clean the ceilings and maintain them.

2. They look stylish in the rooms.

3. They can hide the pipes and wirings which make the space look clean and beautiful.

4. You can fix a lamp, frame, or elegant lights on the false ceilings.

5. They can paint or design in the ways you want.

6. They prevent the occurrence of fire and are also reasonable in price.


1. Some false ceilings such as wooden ceilings can promote the growth of termites and bacteria.

2. Metal ceilings can lead to shock circuits in the home.

3. Heavy decorations or lamps can shorten the life of false ceilings.


Depending on the kind of space, you can choose from the above false ceiling types on the basis of different materials and designs. The false ceilings are widely used in offices, restaurants, function halls, and residential apartments for a rich appearance. The special advantage of the WPC material ceiling is that its laminated surface can display a variety of materials. Such as solid wood, metal, and the shape of the installation is also very convenient, and the cost price is also very suitable.

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