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Decorative wall panels Ideas

COOWIN provides you with all the information about wall panels, materials used, and costs. We provide the most fashionable wall panel ideas!

What is a wall panel?

Traditionally, wall panels have been used as heat and sound insulation between the stone wall and the room. Nowadays, wall panels are installed to increase the design sense of the room. In addition to improving aesthetics, it can also prevent wall damage and hide unsightly cables.

We can install wall panels in two ways:

1. Fix the panel to the wall with expansion screws. This is suitable for straight, smooth wall surfaces and lightweight wall panels.

2. Install the metal grid keel frame on the wall, and then fix the panel to the keel.

Wall panels are an indispensable part of interior decoration. How much do you know about it?

Several commonly used wallboard categories

The commonly used materials in wall panels are:

1. Wood: interior wood panels wall is made of wood or solid wood, engineered board, or other wood-like products.

2. Wood-plastic composite wall panels: This style of wall panels is made of wood and synthetic materials. Can be carved into patterns and exquisite designs.

3. Veneer and laminate: made of durable particleboard substrate or wood veneer. They can use on walls and ceilings.

4. MDF: This material is made by dry-pressing sawdust at high temperatures. This material provides a durable and stylish wallboard option.

5. Fabric: Fabric panels are a great idea for bedrooms and soundproof entertainment rooms. These are wooden boards, filled with foam and cotton, and then covered with a fabric of your choice.

6. Metal: Metal wall panels add a sense of fashion to modern guest rooms. Aluminum, steel, and copper can make durable wall panels for your living room.

7. Particleboard: This is made by hot pressing sawdust and sawdust. It is not as strong as wood, so it can only use in dry places. However, it has a woody appearance.

8. Glass: It can give you a smooth mirror wall.

Wall Panelling Price

Similarly, here are the approximate costs of wall paneling depending on the material you use:

Types Of Wall Panelling MaterialStarting Price INR (per sq. foot)*
Wood Wall Panels250
Veneer and Composite Panelling350+
Fabric Wall Panelling350+
PVC Panels50
Glass Panels400+

*indicative costs only.

Fashion wall panel design ideas

Giving a modern touch

A design style that complements and contrasts with the original architectural style can create a more unique atmosphere. Or choose WPC wall panels in various styles for rooms that lack decoration.

Add detail with paint

Adding paint sprays to your interior panels can give your wall panels a more unique look. The painted borders formed by the paint can give your panels a more profound and attractive aesthetic.

Use Fluted Panels

Fluted panels can add more texture and depth to your room. It can create a more personalized atmosphere for your building, making even vintage and classic designs look more modern.

Classic Wood Grain

One of the most popular classic designs for wall panels is the wood grain look. This design style can give your interior a more classic and natural look. Well-designed wood grain can give you a more natural and classic look.

Wall Panelling Price

Freedom to customize the design

In addition to these designs, WPC wall panels also support the freedom of customization to fit the homeowner’s personal hobbies and preferences. Whether you want a unique style, design, or a warmer design atmosphere, COOWIN WPC wall panels can perfectly meet your needs. The freedom of customization creates unlimited possibilities to create one-of-a-kind wall panel designs.

The appearance of wood-plastic composite wall panels can be custom according to your ideas, so you can design your house as much as you want, and then produce suitable wall panels according to your design ideas. These wall panels can better add a touch to your house charm.

Above all, our experts at COOWIN® can help you design the perfect interior for your house. Contact us now!


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