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Decorate rooms with modern wall paneling design ideas

If you’re looking to bring more traditional charm to a space, wall paneling or cladding is a great way. Adding modern wall paneling can bring a different aesthetic to a featureless room. And protecting the walls from the wear and tear of home life. This method makes them both functional and stylish.

Wall paneling ideas

There are a variety of design styles to choose from, from subtle tongue and groove designs to grand period designs, and different styles for different rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens …… You can choose the type of design you want according to your preference.

Not only that, modern wall paneling is an ideal way to provide extra insulation, cover uneven walls, or even hide radiators or fireplaces.

Choose ribbed paneling with rich details

Mixing ornate ribbed and portrait panels makes the walls stand out. Perfect for spaces where you want to feel as if they’re closing in on you, for a cozy cocooning feel. Paint it dark grey, emerald green, or navy – all on-trend right now.

Decorate rooms with modern wall paneling design ideas

Perfect for spaces where you really want to feel like they’re leaning in on you for a cozy, cocooning feel. Paint it a dark gray, emerald green, or navy – all on-trend right now.

Use paneling as an alternative to tile

Paneling is a great way to replace tile in the bathroom. And you can put a shelf on it to store toiletries and make bath time more relaxing.

Bathrooms have a high moisture content. So the materials used in the bathroom need to be well waterproof. We thus recommend PVC wall paneling, a material made up of recyclable plastic and wood fibers. Which has good water and mold resistance and is perfect for use in bathrooms.

Build a striped room divider

For a relaxed, bohemian, luxurious look, strip a woven backsplash. It can be used as a room divider to hide an open closet. For a different decorative look, choose a dark PVC wall panel.

Decorate the room with wallpaper

If you want the look of wood paneling but don’t want to spend the money, you can completely fake it with wallpaper. Slender slatted wall panels evoke a minimalist, luxurious look, and these are usually more expensive. In addition to spending the time and money to build this kind of wall paneling. You can also get this effect by applying wallpaper to the walls.

This versatile wallpaper can be used to create a prominent feature wall. as a central wall panel to frame furniture or a fireplace, or as a half-height wall in living rooms and bedrooms.

Incorporate open shelving into paneling

If you don’t want to install kitchen cabinets on the wall. But still have items to store, then you might consider installing shelving in the paneling. Painting the walls and shelves the same color as the underlying cabinets creates a seamless effect. And also allows the shelves and hangers to virtually disappear.

One color to decorate the room

If you use only one color for your walls, paneling can create light and shadow on a flat wall, which improves the overall aesthetic. Choose the same color PVC product for everything, from skirting to arched door frames and blinds. Which can create a fully immersive atmosphere.

Tap into rustic beauty

Whether you choose to decorate your walls with PVC material or wood, paneled walls are a great way to enhance a flat space. A wood-paneled wall behind a bedroom usually draws attention to itself. Transforming your bedroom with paneling creates a characterful, comfortable space to rest.

Create a serene dining space

The soft warm tones on the walls bring more warmth to the dining space. Use a shade higher than neutral to decorate a minimalist dining space for a more comfortable and appetizing meal.

Use a grid to add grandeur

WPC wall paneling ideas

Large-scale Jacobean-style grids add impact when they are applied to the entire wall. This one style is simple enough for modern spaces. Choose the same color as the space, carry it over to the skirting, and match your flooring for an immersive effect.

Add a modern touch with floor-to-ceiling wall paneling

Paneling is a great way to add character to a living room. Wide fluted panels can give this room a modern look and enhance the design of the interior space. Combined with wide wall panels, it adds uniqueness to the wall design and can also hide uneven walls.

Everything you need to know about wall paneling

What are the benefits of paneling?

Aside from looking great, paneling is a quick solution to fixing an old wall. As long as the plaster isn’t falling off and you’ve dealt with the dampness. Then you can install paneling directly on the wall for a quick fix.

What materials you can choose for wall paneling

Wood panel is the traditional material. But regular wood requires regular maintenance and is not resistant to moisture and can easily become moldy.

Composite material is now very widely used and it is highly adaptable to a wide range of environments. It requires almost no maintenance and saves a lot of time and labor costs. Also, the surface color can be customized to meet people’s different design needs.

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