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Custom 3d wall panels | Ceiling panels

3D composite wall panels and 3D composite ceilings are perfect for designers who want to create unique designs. They aspire to create bold and exciting designs. And the custom 3D wall panels and ceilings provide feasibility for their unique designs.

With custom 3D wall panels and ceilings. They can implement the renovation of the project exactly according to their design concept. You can influence people’s movement, impressions, and memory of space in fun and creative ways.

Many people, spend at least a third of their day in the office. So their workspace becomes another home. At COOWIN we design and manufacture a range of 3D PVC wall panels. With great design concepts and functions, it can make your living space even better.

Acoustic performance

COOWIN®’s soundproofing wall panels reduce the noise impact of daily life. Such as ringing, typing, and vibrato, thereby creating a more comfortable and quiet environment. The material and design of COOWIN® are harmonized to help reduce and control reverberation, thus leaving a good impression in various indoor spaces such as assembly halls and meeting rooms.

Multiple choices

The designer can choose from a large number of colors and wood textures. Choose the right color scheme that complements your space.

DIY wall panels

COOWIN® provides customized services, allowing you to customize specialized products to fit your space and design vision with the help of our project team.

Easy installation PVC wall paneling

Our products have a unique buckle structure and are equipped with matching fixings, without any on-site adjustments, and the wall panel installation is simple and easy to understand.

Get free samples

COOWIN®”s goal is to become the best PVC wall paneling brand. We can provide you with the PVC 3D wall paneling price cheap, provide you with free samples, can consult our experts if you have any questions. Contact us immediately-we are at any time To help you.


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