COOWIN PVC panels keep your food plant in top condition

In modern society, almost all countries attach great importance to food safety and hygiene, especially pasteurized products, which are easily affected by physical, chemical, or microbial contaminants. This makes food processing places more and more demanding on the environment.

At present, the most popular wall materials are glass fiber reinforced plastic wall panels, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, or plastic wall panels. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The following are some of the advantages of PVC wall panels:

Excellent waterproof performance

Moisture is the worst enemy of food processing. PVC material has a high waterproof and moisture-proof function due to the characteristics of the material.

Easy installation

The PVC wall panel has a snap structure, just fix the keel to the wall, and then fix the wall panel to the keel. Even people without installation experience can install the PVC wall paneling according to the installation instructions.

Low price

Compared with other wallboard materials such as ceramic tiles, steel, and FRP, PVC wall paneling have a lower price per square foot. At the same time, because of its quick installation, it further reduces labor costs.


The ultra-lightweight characteristics of PVC wallboard will not affect the mechanical strength and toughness and can prevent any form of oxidation, impact, decay, and decay.

Friendly user

PVC wall panels do not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and can be used after installation. There is no need for paint, varnish, varnish, or any other finishing materials after installation!

In addition, because the surface of the PVC wallboard is smooth, dust and dirt cannot settle. It does not take long to clean the PVC wallboard.

100% recyclable

COOWIN is an environmentally conscious company. PVC materials are made of a mixture of recyclable plastics and wood fibers. The promotion of PVC materials is conducive to environmental protection and reducing excessive deforestation of forest resources.


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