Commercial kitchen chooses PVC wall panel

It is essential for the protection of commercial kitchen walls. After all, as a food processing place in a commercial kitchen, the walls and ceiling often need to be cleaned. However, in most cases, busy kitchens tend to neglect to clean these places. This can cause problems such as mold growth on the walls, unsanitary conditions caused by bacteria, and peeling of the wall foundation. Therefore, the owner must choose a material that can protect the walls and ceiling and is durable.

Why are PVC panels more popular than FRP?

One of the factors that must be considered when choosing wall materials for commercial kitchens is durability. Since the kitchen is always in an environment full of moisture, there are relatively high requirements for the waterproofness of the materials. PVC panels are a more popular choice for commercial kitchens because they will not peel off and can be used for a long time.

Another important benefit is that the PVC panels have anti-mold properties, because these panels are moisture-proof. This further guarantees a longer service life of the panel, as we all know that mold can be harmful to the wall.


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