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Cat-friendly interior decoration

For many families, pet dogs and cats are part of the family. They can comfort your soul and make you not so lonely. They can also grow up with your children and become their playmates. Therefore, we should use cat-friendly interior decoration.

Cats as pets are very different from pet dogs. Cats are more curious and have higher requirements for their living environment. Therefore, for your kitten, decorating the interior to suit their environment can be a daunting task. Everything from the paint colors you use for your walls to your home furniture needs to change to make it cat-friendly.

Changing your interior décor may sound like a hassle, but we’ve listed a few ways here to give you a quick overview of how you can change your interior decoration to make your little buddy more comfortable with your house.

Choose the right material

Cats are also very sensitive to odors. Therefore, when installing your interior wall panels or interior decoration, try to choose environmentally friendly WPC materials. For example, WPC wall panels, ceilings, etc. Also try to choose environmentally friendly and non-polluting materials for items placed specifically for cats. This will make your cat feel more comfortable.

Wooden cabinet shelves

Cats are active animals and need to jump around the house in order to stay healthy and spend their energy. Therefore it is necessary for you to add several wooden cabinets in your hall. Making platforms on the walls at different heights will help keep your cat active. As a cat owner, it is important for you to know your cat’s habits and interests. Having a fun wooden shelf to climb and jump on will help keep your cat from getting bored and give your house a new look!

Appropriate windows

Anyone who has had a cat will know that cats often spend time looking out the window. To meet your cat’s needs and your own, an interior window with a good view location is a must. Also next to the window needs to be a small perch that serves as a place for your pet to gaze and observe the outside world.

While you set up the interior window, you can also set up a sofa or recliner next to it. You can also watch the view outside the house with your cat. Or just relax with a cup of coffee and a book on the seat. Your pet can curl up next to you, what a wonderful life.

Pique your cat’s interest

Cats are curious creatures. There needs to be some stimulation to stimulate its interest in their daily life so that the cat will not get bored. You can create vertical space, such as a cat tree, which can increase the cat’s interest in exploration to a great extent. It can also consume its energy and make it happy and satisfied.

Place a scratching post

Scratching posts can effectively protect your furniture. Place scratching posts within your cat’s reach, which will help them stretch, scratch, and remove their outside nail sheaths. This prevents your cat from scratching your furniture to the point where you have scratch marks all over it. As an owner, you need to choose a scratching post that is sturdy, strong, and provides multiple locations for your cat’s preferred location to provide unobstructed scratching.

In addition to this, you can also choose a special nail trimming tool for cats to trim your cat’s nails regularly to avoid it damaging your furniture or scratching your family members.

Decorate the bedroom space

If you already have a cat, you must know that cats like to crawl into small spaces to rest. Most cat owners will make a special bedroom for their cats to have a space to rest at night.

Place the cat litter

As a cat owner, you need to prepare a litter box and train your cat to defecate in the litter box. After all, no one wants excrement all over the house! You can put a bowl of water in the litter box. Like humans, they do not like wet and dirty spaces, so you need to change the litter frequently to ensure a neat and clean environment.


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