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Best wall panels decor design ideas 2022

Decorating living rooms and bedrooms with composite wall panels design ideas are far from outdated.

Decorative wall panel design ideas have come a long way with a wide variety of different styles of wall panels designs. Now, the WPC wall panel has gone beyond the all oak or tongue and groove options to the composite decorative panel that is more economical. It also lasts longer and is easier to DIY.

Whether you want to go classic or modern with the look of wood paneling or wainscoting, you can add more design form to a room with this wall decor. In addition, whether you choose wood wall panels or composite decorative paneling panels. They add to the natural shape of the room, enhance the space, and even insulate and protect the walls.

Wall panel decorative features are long-lasting and can play a decorative role in bedrooms, living rooms, and even hallway spaces. We have everything you need to know from how to choose the right type of panel to the different style considerations.

Pressed seam strip bedroom wall panels

Not everyone likes intricate dark wood wall panels design ideas. If you are using wood wall paneling and pressed seam strip paneling, you can apply a softer colored shade to add warmth and interest.

If you are using composite panels, such as WPC wall panels or PVC wall panels. You can have the manufacturer specialize in customizing a more muted color to better decorate your bedroom.

Decor half-wall panels

If you want a wooden, traditional look that doesn’t stand out too much, then you can opt for the decorative half-wall panel idea. For the rest of your space, pair a wood panel with more modern accents for a balanced effect. Using the latest living room wall panels design ideas and trends for inspiration.

Dark wainscoting wall panels

A dark wainscoting panel can add depth to your family space room. You can choose white furniture to place in the house. The contrast of dark walls and white furniture adds a modern touch to the space.

Light gray bedroom wall panels

Wall panels can create soothing interiors and therefore can also be great for decorating bedroom spaces. Try choosing a lighter color for a more relaxed space.

Bright Painted Wall Panels

Modern wall panels design ideas are usually in bright colors. We love this fiery turquoise slate paneling in the bedroom, and you can totally do it yourself.

What to look for? If your interior siding is original and in good condition, it’s best to keep it rather than paint over it. Again, intricate siding designs don’t lend themselves to bold paint colors. If you want to change your siding design, customize it with specialized composite panels.

Painted tongue and groove wall panels

To give a cohesive bedroom space, paint half of the paneling the same color as the other elements around the room. These tongue and groove panels add all the relaxed vibe to this bedroom space. Of course, painting the panel means no small amount of work, and you can just customize your bedroom space with a WPC wall panel by color.

Floor to Ceiling Oak Wall Panels

You can consider decorating from floor to ceiling with laminate wall panels. This will cost a little more but will add value to your home while improving the aesthetics of your home.

Wall panels layers with frames

Wall panels are also the perfect backdrop for gallery wall ideas. Choose white or another color that best matches the rest of the interior and the artwork you will be displaying for a truly modern look.

Enhance the space with 2D panels

To enhance the space with wall panels, we can use versatile 2D and 3D wall panels. It can help retain the sense of space in small rooms. These modern paneling systems allow creative people to imagine and implement innovative feature wall installations. If used in moderation, do not compress space but rather enhance small spaces and bring acoustic and health benefits that we should seek to incorporate into our rooms.

Art Deco style wall panels

We love the idea of art deco wall panels, a look that will certainly enhance a period modern space. The gold accents near the feature wall add a touch of luxury that complements the fresh ivory color of the wall panels, making it a true feature.

How to choose decorative wall panels?

Certainly, we usually find traditional style dark wood wall panels in old historic buildings that complement their era. They may now be considered outdated by some, but they should be celebrated and maintained and kept largely in their original form.

In modern times, we have more modern geometric forms of wood wall panels that will help us create a lighter, warmer, and characterful natural interior space while improving the positive effects of acoustics and microclimate that benefit our mental, emotional and physical health.

That said, being sensitive to the age of your home is key when you want to make changes to your interior, such as adding panels. If you live on a listed property, you should talk to the local conservation officer to see if the paneling is acceptable.

In addition to making sure the design is appropriate for the period of your house, there are other aesthetic considerations. Where full height is not used, paneling is often best installed at a third or two-thirds of the height of the room, although this may be affected by features such as fireplaces or bay windows.

You should also consider the size of the individual panel frames. Larger areas look good with larger frame sizes, while smaller, awkward spaces tend to lend themselves to paneling with edging.

Does decorative wall paneling make a room look smaller?

This will depend on.

The level of natural light.

The height of the wall paneling.

The shade of the wood or composite wall paneling.

The accompanying shade of the plain walls, ceiling, and floor.

Simply put, lighter shades of wood wall paneling will help us avoid making the room feel smaller.

If we assume an average level of daylight into a small space. Medium to low height mid-tone wall panels combined with lighter-toned walls above and ceilings with lighter floor tones will help ensure that the wall panels work in a small room.

Floor-to-ceiling height wall panels are best applied to larger rooms and create only one feature wall.


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