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Are the WPC wall panels safe for health?

When it comes to our home interior, many people try to be trendy with the current interior design vogue ensuring that they are visually outstanding. WPC wall panels are being popularly used as a decoration material for both walls and ceilings. They are many different colors and designs and can be used as an alternative to wallpaper. Do you want to know why you should choose the ‘WPC wall Panels’ for your interiors? Because WPC wall Panels are very safe for our health.

When asked about the best wall panels for various indoor conditions, wall paneling builders and contractors always consider quality. But nowadays, taking health into account plays a very important part in deciding whether or not a home or office owner will buy or install an item.

What are WPC wall panels?

WPC wall panel means wood plastic composite wall panel. It is not easy to deform, moisture-proof, insect ant, with certain environmental protection performance. Beautiful and generous, a variety of colors, a wide range of use. After the development of our company, now we have made a very good percentage on the raw material: 45% PVC, 20% Calcium Carbonate, 28% Wood Powder, and 7%Additives.

Unlike regular wallpapers, our wall panels don’t contain formaldehyde. This means that the harmful aspects associated with conventional plastic products are eliminated. And more importantly, your family and pets are not at risk. It’s as friendly to the environment as it is to your health which is a great fit for any home. Also, we have data showing that the average lifespan of WPC wall panels is more than 15 years. So choosing wall panels is a great investment for your home with minimal impact on the environment.

Also, Interior wall panels can provide a complete solution for fire resistance interiors. Every piece of the wall panel is designed to protect your room away from fire. We understand that health and safety are of the most importance. And it is our aim to provide materials and systems that are capable of meeting the most stringent of regulations. Transparency with our customers is key. Therefore, when developing our products they undergo comprehensive testing in order to meet building regulations and particularly the fire rating standards.

Why choose the WPC wall panel?

One of the biggest reasons why WPC wall panels are so popular is the ease and speed with which they can be installed. Traditional tiling, stone cladding, require skilled artisans and the installation takes time. You don’t need specialized tools or skills. Wood wall panels are easy to cut and there are a variety of ways to install them on any wall surface. Not only you can have an entire room remodeled in as little as a day, but there is also hardly any dust or mess involved. You won’t have an endless stream of workmen trudging through your home for days on end.

Moisture is a basic trigger for infestation. A damp surface attracts termites that cause rotting. With WPC wall panels, you are free from these kinds of health hazards. Interior wall paneling is also the perfect solution to protect the wall away from moisture. Which is the ideal building material with waterproof. No need to spray hazardous chemicals that you’ll inhale in the process.

WPC Wall Panel, with benefits like termite & water resistance, easy installation, and eco-friendly. And it has natural wood grain, which is your ideal product for all your ceiling or wall applications during indoor decorations.

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